How to buy electricity tokens in the DANA application, easy and uncomplicated

How to buy electricity tokens in the DANA application, easy and uncomplicated

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How to buy electricity tokens through the DANA application is very easy and certainly more efficient. The reason is that, while you sit quietly, the process of buying electricity tokens can be completed instantly. Go read the review here!

For prepaid electricity users, the availability of electricity must always be considered.

Do not let the electricity meter ring at the wrong time, for example, when you leave it to travel or when it is late at night.

However, take it easy, with the development of technology, now buy electricity tokens can be done in many ways.

One of the easiest steps is to buy electricity tokens in the DANA application.

Well, to be able to put it into practice, the first thing to do is to download DANA on Play Store for you Android phone users and App Store for mobile phone owners with the iOS system.

So, what is the way to buy electricity tokens in DANA?

How to buy electricity tokens through the DANA application

how to buy electricity tokens in funds


  1. Open the DANA app.
  2. On the main page, select the “Electricity” menu.
  3. Select the “Prepaid” service type.
  4. Enter the customer number or PLN ID.
  5. Select the required nominal token, for example IDR 100,000, then proceed to the payment page.
  6. If the transaction is successful, a notification will appear.
  7. Tap “View transactions” then swipe to view the 20-digit electricity token code.
  8. The transaction is completed.
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The above steps are certainly very easy, effective, and do not require much time.

Therefore, it is not surprising that purchasing in this way is beginning to be loved by the wider community.

In addition, you can see the price of electricity tokens in DANA in the application when you want to choose the required amount.

After you have successfully purchased an electricity token in DANA, then you must enter the 20-digit token number obtained in the home electricity meter in the following manner.

  • Enter the 20-digit electricity token number in the Prepaid PLN meter.
  • Carefully check the number entered because if the electricity token fails 3 times the electricity will be blocked.
  • After making sure that it is correct and appropriate, press the “Enter” button on the electricity meter.
  • The electricity meter screen will give a notification of success or “Accepted” and the kWh of electricity also increases.

Why Buy Electricity Tokens in DANA Do Not Enter?

In addition to many who have succeeded, it is not uncommon for some people to experience problems when they want to buy electricity tokens through the DANA application.

Sometimes, the purchase of electricity tokens in DANA does not go in due to a number of factors.

As for the solution if buying electricity tokens in DANA does not enter, users can contact DANA Customer Cure through the number 1500 445, email him [email protected]WhatsApp 08191 1500 445, through social media Twitter @danawallet.

Electricity Token Prices in the DANA App

application of funds


When you buy electricity in DANA, there is a choice of nominal electricity purchases that are varied and you can choose according to your needs.

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The nominal is pegged starting from Rp. 20 thousand, Rp. 50 thousand, Rp. 100 thousand up to the largest is Rp. 5 million.

Here are the full details:

  • Electric impulse token Rp. 20,000, price Rp. 21,500
  • Electric impulse token 50,000 IDR price 51,500 IDR
  • Electric impulse token Rp100,000 price Rp101,500
  • Electric impulse token Rp.200,000, price Rp.201,500
  • Electric impulse token Rp.500,000, price Rp.501,500
  • Electric impulse tokens Rp. 1,000,000, the price is Rp. 1,001,500
  • Electric pulse tokens IDR 5,000,000 the price of IDR 5,001,500


It is how to buy electricity tokens at DANA and the full explanation, Property People.

I hope the information is useful, yes.

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