How to add digital TV channels and easy steps

How to add digital TV channels and easy steps

how to add digital TV broadcasts

Want to increase TV channels? You can learn how to add digital TV channels to STB manually and automatically all here!

To meet the needs of digital broadcasting, a Set Top Box or STB is definitely needed to capture digital signals and convert them into image and sound form.

After the STB is installed, the digital TV channels will be automatically filled immediately and can be enjoyed at home.

There are various digital TV broadcasts that you can watch from various local and national channels.

Although it has been completed automatically, the choice of TV broadcasts is certainly not too much to watch.

Therefore, searching for digital broadcasts is not only done automatically, but also manually.

In this way, it means that you can choose the best and quality entertainment show.

Of course, as time passes, digital TV broadcasts continue to be expanded and reproduced.

To be able to get the best entertainment, how to add digital TV channels?

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How to add digital TV channels and the Steps

There are two ways you can do this to add to the full digital TV broadcasts below.

1. How to add digital TV channels with STB

Added manual TV viewing


  1. First install the tube TV or analog TV properly. Starting from the installation of the antenna cable, to the installation of the STB cable.
  2. Turn on the TV, press the Set Top Box or STB power button. Then change the TV mode to AV.
  3. On the remote Set Top Box or STB, press the menu button.
  4. After entering the menu, go to “Settings”, then search for DTV channels.
  5. Select the manual search method for DTV.
  6. Enter the transmission tower MUX number setting.
  7. Wait a few moments, then the TV screen will show the TV channel signal.
  8. Turn the antenna both left and right until the sign shown on the Set Top Box or STB shows strongly.
  9. If you have found a strong signal, press the Start menu to scan for TV channels.
  10. Wait until the process is complete.
  11. Digital TV channels will be automatically saved and ready to watch.
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The menu on the STB to manually add digital TV broadcasts is of course different in the name and location of the menu.

The usage mode is more or less similar among the STBs available in the market.

The manual process of adding TV channels will be very useful in updating the MUX database, including searching for new channels in the future.

Before adding TV broadcasts, make sure that all STB settings are done correctly so that the scan works perfectly.

Adding TV broadcasts to DVB-T2 Devices automatically

Added DVB T2 Auto broadcast


For those who already use automatic digital TV, you can receive broadcasts with the following steps:

  1. Prepare a regular TV antenna and install it outside.
  2. Make sure you choose a high mast for good signal strength.
  3. Connect the cable to the antenna port on the back of the TV.
  4. Please turn on your TV.
  5. On the remote control, please press the Menu button.
  6. Select program > Channel search > Digital.
  7. Wait a few moments until the process of adding channels and scanning is complete.
  8. The TV channels that have been scanned will be saved and can be watched.


Here are some ways to add digital TV broadcasts manually via STB or DVB-T2 devices at home.

I hope you can get the clearest and highest quality entertainment show.

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