How often should we wash towels?

How often should we wash towels?

how to wash towels

Our bodies have 19 million skin cells and 650 sweat glands that we need to keep clean by bathing regularly. Of course, after bathing, we need to dry the body with the right towel. Thus, the health of our skin is maintained.

Also, how to wash the right towels should be considered. This is how towels can also be used properly. As well, we need to wash bath towels regularly.

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However, when to wash towels? Therefore, in order not to be confused, we will explain the explanation carefully in the next article.

So, Can New Towels Buy Directly Use?

When buying towels, it is best to wash them first before using them, especially for colored towels. see, New towels are usually coated with beeswax and artificial dye.

The function of fabric softener is to make it smoother. Unfortunately, fabric softeners can reduce the absorbency of towels.

So, if we wash it first, the softener layer will disappear and it will be lifted. In this way, the cotton fibers from the towels can absorb the water in our body optimally.

how to wash towels
Make it a habit to always wash towels when you buy them

So, how often do we need to wash towels?

Dirty towels can spread viruses, fungi and bacteria. In fact, our skin can be irritated and infected with bacteria staphylococcus aureus.

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Several health sites recommend washing your bath towels regularly after three to four uses. If necessary, wash the towels twice a week.

You see, towels absorb a lot of water from the body, so it’s easy to get wet. This will facilitate the multiplication of germs.

how to wash towels
Washing towels regularly for three days can minimize the spread of germs

When should we replace old towels with new ones?

The period of replacing the old napkins depends on the quality and how we take care of them. JIf we always wash the towels with hot water, the inner fibers can be damaged faster. This is what makes us have to replace it immediately.

It is different if we use quality towels. If we take good care of it, we can use towels for up to 2 years.

how to wash towels
You also need to regularly change the towels to new ones if the quality of the old towels has decreased

How to wash towels correctly?

Take it easy, here are the steps to wash towels that you can apply. Therefore, the napkins can remain durable for a long time.

  • Before washing, hang the towel to dry first. Avoid the habit of immediately putting a damp towel in the laundry basket so it doesn’t smell musty.
  • When it dries, separate the white and colored towels so they don’t get dirty.
  • Wash the towels with a scented detergent at a rate of about 2 tablespoons.
  • If you want to soften the surface of the towel, you can add a spoonful of white vinegar.
  • As for the musty-smelling towels, add them baking soda directly into the washing machine.
  • When the machine wash process is complete, use the dryer to reduce the moisture level.
  • After that, you can just dry it on the clothes. Try to be exposed to direct sunlight so as not to cause odor.
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how to wash towels
Be sure to always hang towels to dry after each wash

How to clean black stains on towels?

Usually, the process of washing the towels above can make them clean immediately. However, it is a different story if there are black spots in some areas of the towel. This can happen due to residual detergent residue from the washing process.

We can eliminate them by mixing washing powder and a little water. Then, apply to the stained area and leave for at least 15 minutes. If so, wash again with warm water.

Can towels be ironed?

If you have applied all the washing methods above, you can use the towels immediately or store them in the cupboard.

Yes! Avoid ironing towels as this can reduce their absorbency. In fact, the surface can quickly thin out and be damaged due to the iron process and the flow of heat that is provided.

how to wash towels
If the towel has been washed, you can use it immediately without ironing first

These are different explanations on how to wash towels, which you can use as a benchmark. By applying the above method, the towels you use can last longer.

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