Housewife business to make money from home

Housewife business to make money from home

JAKARTA. – The work of housewives to earn money from home, being a housewife often causes some women to be tied to housework.

They can neither work independently nor find additional income to support the family economy, because the homework is too big.

Household chores that keep mothers busy at home, such as taking care of children, washing dishes, washing clothes, cooking or various other activities, lead to housewives having less time for themselves and engaging in activities outside the home.

Now, if you want to start a business and increase your income without leaving your home, you don’t need to worry anymore.

The benefits of working from home can even match or exceed the income of office workers.

Besides fulfilling your responsibilities as a housewife, housework is more flexible.

We have presented different types of home businesses that can be run to increase income in your home.

Here are the top 7 home businesses for housewives as below.

1. Laundry
The first chore for stay-at-home moms is laundry service. If you live in an urban area and are close to boarding houses, campuses and office buildings, this business has great potential. The advantages of a laundry business as an extra income for stay at home moms are quite huge.

Laundry business also does not require a lot of capital as you only need to have a washing machine and equipment like detergents and softeners to start a laundry business.

2. Public catering
The next business is a home catering business. If you love cooking, especially if you have special skills for certain dishes, then catering business is the best business for you.

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Catering business offers huge and promising returns. Large events such as weddings, birthdays and social gatherings are the main customers in the catering business.

3. Reseller or Dropshipper Online Store
This job is perfect for tech-savvy Moms. If you stay active and active, a seller or dropshipper can make huge profits.

All moms need to start a business as a reseller or dropshipper is the internet and a smartphone, as well as a suitable supplier.

It can offer a variety of products, from beauty products, clothing, household furniture to anything sold in the market.

One of the tips to become a reliable reseller or dropshipper is to start the business with products that you like and understand.

4. Sewing services
If you have skills in sewing matters, garment sewing business is the best job for you.

This business is considered very promising in terms of profit. This business offers services in the form of sewing clothes and pants.

A garment sewing service job requires extra determination and energy, but the results from this skill are no joke.

If you have the skills to make a kabaya for a wedding or birthday event, the skills to make a dress can generate even bigger cash coffers.

5. Frozen Food
The next business for moms looking to start a home business is a frozen food business. Lately, the frozen food business or commonly called frozen food business is becoming a busy business to talk about. Moms can make this frozen food business opportunity an extra income business opportunity for your family.

First, you can use the fridge freezer in your home as a temporary storage space. Over time, you may start buying a new or used freezer that is large enough to store frozen food. It can be said that the business risk of selling frozen food is small because the food sold is specially packaged to last for a long time.

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6. Bakery
A bakery business is the right business for moms who love to bake and bake cakes. This business is timeless as cakes are in high demand by the public during important events. Moms on top can earn the highest income around the holidays.

Baking does not take much of your time and it is flexible enough to be done along with the household chores you have.

7. Grocery store
The last job recommendation is a grocery store job. This business is one of the most profitable wholesale businesses. Convenience store establishments generally sell household necessities, from instant noodles, coffee, bread, drinking water, kitchen spices, snacks to furniture. A grocery store business will be more profitable if there are few competitors in your area, such as supermarkets and convenience stores.

This business is quite flexible, Moms can sell their home interests without fear of leaving. Mothers can adapt the goods to the needs of those around them.(voice/wool/w1n)