Home Life Week Promotion for New Year’s Resolutions

Home Life Week Promotion for New Year’s Resolutions

Dior Wardrobe 2 Sliding Doors - white / brown

The beginning of the year can be an opportunity for us to fulfill our resolutions to make our home more comfortable and aesthetic. We can make small renovations by replacing the furniture, adding accessories, or changing the color of the wall paint.

Well, for those of you who want to realize this resolution, then you can enjoy the moment of celebration Home Living Week Di variety .

Various Banners

This promotion is valid on the 15th-22nd of each month. Do you want to buy furniture and lifestyle products more park? Go ahead, find out more about the promo in the next article.

List of discounts Home Living Week on different sites

Therefore, this time, we have collected special discounts on promotions Home Living Week what kind of things you can get. What are they?

1. Online special

special online promotions
Get great discounts for those of you who shop online through the Ruparupa site

Actually, shopping offline it feels more satisfying because you can see the product directly. However, if shopping on the site online Apparently, there are many products that you can buy at a high discount of up to 70%.

Yes! This discount only applies if you buy online right So, you can save even more when shopping online in various ways.

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2. Buy it 1 Get 1

promo buy 1 get 1
Buy Buy 1 Get 1 products to save more

With promotions Buy it 1 Get 1, you can get two pieces of furniture or home equipment at the same time in a single payment. Of course, this will make you buy more sparingly.

3. Promotional partners

promotional partner bank
Pay for certain merchants to get a discount bonus

The Ruparupa site has also collaborated with several companies merchant famous, like Credit, Current funds, and major banks. So you can earn cashback or a discount up to 500 thousand IDR.

Furniture Recommendations for Fulfilling New Year’s Resolutions

After knowing the different discounts that are in the promo Home Living Week, we want to provide advice for furniture and household appliances. Go check it out here.

1. Sofa Sectional

new year's resolution
Logan Sofa Sectional Fabric – Cream

Check the prices

Sofa sectional It is a multifunctional piece of furniture that can be placed in a corner of the house. This sofa material is made of soft and smooth fabric. You can do it as additional furniture to fulfill your aesthetic resolution of the living room at the beginning of the year.

2. Canvas Painting Wall Decoration

new year's resolution
Wall Decoration 102.5×102.5 Cm Canvas Art Tree

Check the prices

In addition to furniture, we also have recommendations for canvas wall paintings. This painting can be a decorative accent in a nature themed living room. See, this painting depicts trees and leaves with gold accents.

3. Beautiful artificial plants

new year's resolution
Informa 70 Cm Artificial Plant Strelitzia Gs08 – Green

Check the prices

You can use artificial ornamental plants as decoration and make the room fresh. This plant is provided with a special pot and can be placed in the corner of the living room.

4. Multipurpose Guest Table

new year's resolution
Guest Table Azalea – Chocolate

Check the prices

In addition to functioning as a table, you can use this piece of furniture as additional storage space. Uniquely, this table has a natural wood feel with glass on it, giving a modern impression to a room.

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5. Multifunctional Storage Box

Home life week furniture storage box
Storage Box 5 Ltr 26.5×18.5×17 Cm – Chocolate

Check the prices

This storage box is made of plastic with a capacity of 5 liters. The design is simple with a bronze tone. You can use it to store various household items, one of which is towels.

6. Hanging Swing Chair

week of living at home
Soleil Swing Chair 2 Seat Stripe – Blue White

Check the prices

Do you have a resolution at the beginning of the year to create a beautiful terrace for your home? Well, this rocking chair can be an important piece of furniture to arrange the terrace. This chair is made of iron with a soft polyester fabric seat, and can support loads up to 200 kg.

shopping home goods
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Through shopping sites online Here, you can find collections of household equipment and cleaning tools of famous brands that belong to the Kawan Lama Group, namely ACE, Informa, Selma, and many others.