Here’s how to turn an ordinary TV into a Smart TV. Easy and Fast!

Here’s how to turn an ordinary TV into a Smart TV. Easy and Fast!

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Armed with how to make an ordinary TV in a intelligent With this TV, you can turn your TV at home into a TV with a variety of contemporary features. How? Check out the review below!

Like it or not, technological advances have made our daily lives easier.

For example, the presence intelligent TV doesn’t just make us watch local broadcasts.

The presence of this latest technology allows users to explore the show even more.

However, not all families have the ability to buy intelligent TV.

However, with a little creativity, an ordinary TV at home can be transformed into a intelligent tv, that’s it!

Reported by, Here’s how to make a regular TV in a intelligent TV.

Go ahead, check out the review below!

How to make an ordinary TV become Smart Hassle-free TV

1. Make sure the television has an HDMI port

how to turn a normal TV into a smart tv by controlling the HDMI port

How to make a regular TV in a intelligent The first TV is to ensure the television you have harbor HDMI or High definition multimedia interface.

HDMI technology is usually found in electronic devices such as projectors or DVD players.

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The function of the technology is to transmit high-quality audio and video signals from other devices to the TV screen.

If your television doesn’t have it harbor HDMI, you can buy an HDMI-to-RCA adapter.

Connect the adapter to the red, yellow and white wires on the back of the TV.

2. Select Smart Media Player which are desirable

After confirming that harbor HDMI, select it smart media player or often called TV box as you wish.

Smart media player This is a hardware that has an operating system like smartphones.

Using it, your normal TV can be used for the needs streaming movie to play video game.

such as smartphones, TV box available in the market is also increasingly diverse to choose from.

Some options worth considering include Apple TV, Roku Streaming Stick, and Google Chromecast.

3. Install Streaming stick

how to turn a regular TV into a smart TV with a streaming stick

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Then, you can turn your regular TV into a intelligent TV installing streaming stick to the HDMI connection on the television.

Streaming stick is a portable media player the size of a USB stick.

Devices that budget-friendly It does not take up much space and you can take it with you when you travel.

Even so, limited storage space is one of the drawbacks streaming stick.

This is also what makes the process of working the processor not as fast as the TV box

4. Connect TV Box with HDMI connection

The way to turn a regular TV into the next Smart TV is to connect a TV box which is selected with the HDMI connection.

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To install, connect one end of the HDMI cable to the box and the other end to the harbor HDMI is on the back of the TV.

While for streaming stick, just insert the stick directly into the harbor HDMI.

Be sure to note which HDMI slot on the television you are using.

Then, turn on the TV, changing its input to the HDMI number that corresponds to the previously selected slot.

TV setting display box o streaming stickwill appear.

From here you can follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

5. Activate Internet Connection with Port LAN or Wi-Fi

how to turn a regular TV into a smart TV by activating a stable connection


If TV box or streaming stick already installed, activate the Internet connection with an ethernet cable via harbor LAN or WiFi modem.

This is done for the TV box o streaming stick it can work well.

Do not forget to make sure that the Internet connection at home is stable and fast enough so that all functions can be accessed.

Don’t miss the moment streaming Your favorite movie has been interrupted due to the sudden disconnection of the Internet connection.

6. Complete Smart TV with Wireless keyboard

How to make a regular TV in a intelligent The last TV is bought wireless keyboard especially for your smart TV.

Buy it keyboard this could just be an addition.

Its function is so that you can enjoy the features of a smart TV in a more optimal way.

Type keyboard this is usually equipped touch pad which can be used as mice

As a result, you get convenience when choosing a Netflix movie or TV series to watch.

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Hope the above home tips are helpful, Friend 99.

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