Here’s how to save money at home to be safe

Here’s how to save money at home to be safe

how to save money at home to be safe
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How to keep money at home to be safe.

Times are modern. To save money, preferably in the bank. But some people don’t believe in putting their money there. They prefer to keep at home. Not a little, the nominal save starts from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions.

Now the question is whether it is safe to keep at home? If left unattended, unwanted events may occur. And if it happens, the loss will be on you.

So that this bad thing does not happen, here are some tips how to save money at home to be safe: :

Don’t put all your money in one place

The first way to save money at home is to be safe, don’t put all your money in one place. For example, if you have Rp. 10 million, split it into Rp. 2 million and put it in five safe places so that if something bad happens, you will still have savings elsewhere.

Use special plastic money

Before putting them in a secret place, make sure that these bills have been covered with a special plastic for money. This plastic is different from ordinary plastic. If you use ordinary plastic, the plastic will stick to the money and then physically damage it. If so, your money cannot be used.

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Put it in a safe place

As I said in the previous point, you should put your money in several safe places. Here are the places where you can save your savings:

of course

The safe is the safest place to put your savings. But there is one thing to be careful about, namely that the safe must be fixed or bolted firmly. Otherwise, other people will easily move or take your safe.

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Use the Piggy Bank

From the past until now, the piggy bank has been the most popular place to put money. In addition to being safe, saving money in a piggy bank can be done at any time. But you must put the piggy bank in a safe place, for example in a closed cupboard. This is done to prevent other people from carrying or moving your piggy bank.

Inside Freezer

You put money freezer sure? Of course. The most important thing is to cover the money with the special plastic for money.

Behind the Wall Decor

Then it is behind the wall decoration. Just put money in an envelope and stick it there. Make sure it’s tight so it doesn’t fall off.

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Under the Trash

Putting money under the trash is also safe. The thing that must be considered is the choice of the trash, which is not moved. An example is the trash in the bedroom or bathroom.

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Behind the Toilet Tank

Even in the bathroom, putting money behind the toilet tank is surprisingly safe. Just wrap the money with plastic money and put it there. Check periodically.

Under the mattress

Actually this place is often used by many people, but to put some money it is safe. Choose a mattress that you sleep on every day, so that other people will be reluctant to enter your private room.

Slip between important family documents

You should have an envelope or bag containing family documents. Well, you can put some money into it.

Remember or make a note of where you save your money

The last tip for how to save money at home to keep it safe is to remember and record where you put the money. If you forget to put it, of course, the atmosphere will become cloudy, especially during an emergency.

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