Here is the cost and how to make a minimalist bathroom 2×3

Here is the cost and how to make a minimalist bathroom 2×3

the cost of taking a bath

Although it is the smallest in size, the bathroom is an important room in the life of the house. Not only cleaning the body, in the bathroom you can also do maintenance and relaxation.

Don’t worry, you can still do it bathroom dimensions 2 × 3 beautiful and minimalist even if the budget is limited.

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So, what are the methods and costs to make a 2 × 3 bathroom?

If you want to make the bathroom at home more attractive, consider the following methods and costs.

1. Install Ceramica to make a bathroom

You have to install ceramic for the base of the bathroom. For a 2 × 3 bathroom, you can use 30 × 30 cm ceramic tiles.

For that, you need 70 pieces of pottery or 7 boxes. If 1 box is priced at IDR 50,000, then you need IDR 350,000.

2. Choose a Bathroom Cabinet with mirror and Sink

In order not to be cramped and cheaper, you should choose a bathroom cabinet that is equipped with a mirror and sink.

Thus, you can store the care products and also reflect in the sink. The following are tips for bathroom cabinets that you can buy for only 3 million IDR.

bathroom cabinet cost
Informa Rooney Bathroom Cabinet Set – White
Quality bathroom cabinet and not easily damaged.

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3. Install Corner Bathroom Shelves

To save costs to make an aesthetic bathroom, you can add rak minimalist Then, all toiletries, such as soap and shampoo, can be neatly arranged.

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You don’t need to be big, you can use a corner bathroom shelf for IDR 149,000 that has a hook, like the following recommendations.

the price of the bathroom
Bathroom corner shelf 23x23x13 Cm
Corner bathroom shelf to put soap and shampoo.

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4. Choose a minimalist toilet seat

To reduce expenses, you can choose a flat and minimalist toilet seat. However, make sure that the toilet is sturdy and has a system flush good. Well, we have a recommendation toilet seat for IDR 1.5 million, as below.

bath fee bath
Kris Kloset Siphonic Duoblock A320
Toilet seats with a dual flush system can save more water.

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the cost of the bathroom
Kris Toilet Duoblock Washbasin Ac2108 – white
The toilet is strong and robust with a flushing system.

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5. Use shower Poles to save space

To save space, install shower pillar in the bathroom. Besides being simpler, shower the pole also has an elegant appearance.

However, be sure shower you can remove it and have several shower modes to make it more flexible. Here is a recommendation shower which you can buy for 200 thousand IDR.

bathroom pole shower
Kris Set shower tray with sliding guide Ar-950
Shower faucet that is durable and rust resistant.

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bathroom shower rate
Kris shower set Kss3f972 – Silver
Bathroom shower with 3 shower modes and 1.5 m length.

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In total, you need to spend a budget of IDR 5 million for bathroom needs. If you add the labor costs with an estimate of 7 working days, you need a budget of IDR 7 million in order make a 2 × 3 bath.

have bathroom amenities
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So, all the bathroom equipment above, you can only buy through them

shopping site online it also provides a variety of household appliances and furniture from famous brands belonging to the Kawan Lama Group, namely Informa, ACE, Selma, Krisbow, and many others.

Go, create a minimalist and charming bathroom at home.