Here are the types and types of curtains you need to know

Here are the types and types of curtains you need to know

Types of curtains
Illustration of types and types of curtains (Source: Freepik)

Curtains are one of the important accessories in the house, in addition to the beauty of the house, the curtains are also one of the protective devices from the sun that enters the house. Speaking of the house, you know that there are many types of curtains, many types of curtains have different designs. For those of you who want to know which curtains are suitable for your home concept, here are the types and types of curtains you need to know.

Types of curtains

Type of eye

This type of curtain is more often used and found in recent times because of its simple design and easy to use. Not only this, this curtain also has a thin material and falls so beautifully when it is hung near the window, do not forget the round ring on it to make it easier to open the curtain.

Cane pocket type

This type of curtain is not often used to open and close, because the function of the curtain is only as a barrier between the window and other curtains, in addition to this curtain has the thinnest and simple fabric, these curtains are perfect for those of you. which have large windows to reduce the sun’s rays.

Pure Type

This curtain is almost similar in use to the stick pocket type, what distinguishes it is the type of material used. Usually this type of curtain uses voile material with white or a certain color. This type of curtain is perfect for those of you who want the sunlight to enter, but not be seen from the outside.

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Types of Valances

These curtains are perfect for those of you who have a concept home vintage, because this type of curtain has its own value so that it adds to the beauty of your home. These curtains are suitable for those of you who have large and long windows, because they give the impression of luxury and charm.

Type of folds

These curtains are of several types, namely pinch pleated or goblet pleated, box pleated and tailored pleated. The thing that distinguishes these types is the small crease at the top of the curtain, currently the most frequently used is the tailored pleated type, which has 3 folds at the upper end of the curtain and is designed to form a cone.

Types of blinds

This type of curtain is often found in offices, cafes or restaurants or better known as blinds in Indonesia. It uses the base material of calico so it is not suitable to be combined at home. A type that is often used is roller blinds that can be rolled up with a rope at the edge.

Roman type

This type is almost similar to curtain blinds, the difference is that these curtains have folds and each fold has wood for weight. These curtains are very suitable for small rooms and can be used for windows internal o out of.

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