Here are 8 good models of minimalist beds

Here are 8 good models of minimalist beds

Minimalist bunk bed
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Minimalist model of bunk beds.

In addition to opening up more livelihoods, having several children will make the atmosphere at home more crowded. Even if the area of ​​the house is not too big, it does not mean that you cannot. One of them is in the room, you can work around it in several ways.

For example, using a cot bed. This bed concept does not take up much space. In addition, by increasing the ability of creativity, the child’s room can be transformed into a beautiful one.

Now, there are many designs from minimalist to luxurious bunk beds. Even if you are reluctant to buy a ready-made one, you can make this bed directly customs

So, here is a minimalist bed design that you can apply to your child’s room.

Two-way minimalist bunk bed


The first minimalist couch is in shape customs More likely if the bed customs, then also the other pieces of furniture suit

On the upper bunk, you can sit directly. While the position of the bed below is done opposite. give space in addition also to put stairs, a place to study to a place to walk and out of the room.

Equipped with Slides


Children will quickly feel bored if the room looks like this. Especially if the size of the room is narrow so it is difficult to play. One strategy is to decorate the child’s bed. You can put a slide for them. In addition to making it easier for children to go down, the slide can also be used to play.

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Minimalist bunk bed in bright colors


Girls especially, like bright colors. In addition to looking feminine, this color will give a positive aura for the spirit of learning. You, as a parent, can apply to the bed.

Choose colors like pink, blue and turquoise green and apply them to pillows, sheets and baby dolls. Mix the color with white and brown on the scale and the frame of the mattress. In this way, the child can be more comfortable in the rest.

White minimalist bunk bed


If it was mixed with other colors, now the children’s room has one color full white. The concept of this mattress is a little different because the top is made of a small space. This concept is generally used for siblings of different sexes. The goal is that they still have their own privacy.

Add a colorful decoration


The fifth also has a white base color. But it becomes more exciting because you add cute colorful decorations. In the image above, you can choose the color of the bed with an abstract pattern. Also add some decorations on the walls in the form of children’s crafts. Finally, do not forget the selection of carpets that also determines whether your child’s room is attractive or not.

Japanese style bunk bed


Japanese style has been applied to many house projects for sale in Indonesia. In short, this style uses wooden elements and is applied to a room or bedroom furniture One of them is at the bedroom level.

Use a type that is strong enough to last long enough. You can also make this bed multifunctional by making the front of the bed a bookcase.

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Bunk bed 3 in 1


This room on the 3rd level is used for those who have several children, but the area of ​​the room is not too big. Because of the height, you have to be careful with the upper mattress because the child’s body can hit the ceiling. The trick, don’t make the mattress too high and give space enough Install a soft mattress and bright colors so that the room does not feel cramped.

Cielo Concept Bedroom


The latest minimalist level room model is intended for boys. This room uses a slightly dark paint, so it looks like night. So what wallpaper constellations are used. Right above the mattress, a large airplane is hung to give life to this concept of heaven.

On a bed, the colors used are the same as the walls of the bedroom. The frame is painted in a dark color, so the mattress, pillows and bed linen can choose a lighter color.

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