Here are 7 models of women’s bags that you should know

Here are 7 models of women’s bags that you should know

women's bag models

Nowadays, the bag is not just a place storage goods, but also to complement fashion. It is not surprising that the models of bags are very different, which can be adapted to different conditions, such as special party bags, cards, and others.


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So, what are the models of bags that are often used?

Instead of being confused, see this article to find out some models of women’s bags that are comfortable for everyday activities.

1. Shoulder bag or Sling Bag

Model Tas Slingbag

Of course, you are already familiar with this bag model, right? Shoulder bag or what is commonly known as this sling bag has a long enough strap with different sizes.

Usually, this bag is used by hanging the strap on one shoulder and placing the bag on another side of the body. For example, if the strap is on the left shoulder, the bag will be on the right side.

In order not to have pain, try to change the position of the bag to the other shoulder every hour. Here are some tips for sling bags that you may have.

sling bag pattern
Susen Croco Sling Bag with Size Lock

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sling bag pattern
Susen Croco Sling Bag 2033 – Red

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2. Handbag

handbag patterns

Handbag is a bag that is generally used carrying and placed on the arm. Usually, the bag model is often used for travel and work, like the following bag tips.

handbag patterns
Susen Croco Bag – Red Wine

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black bag
Susen Snakeskin Accent Handbag Size M

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3. Shoulder bag

shoulder bag style

As the name implies, you can use it shoulder bag on one side of the shoulder.

Unlike the sling bag, shoulder sack have a shorter rope. Also, this bag model only used only on one side of the body.

For example, if you hang the belt on the right shoulder, then the bag will also be on the right side of your body. Usually, shoulder bag It has a larger size and allows you to store more items.

white shoulder bag
Ataru Wide Tote Bag Lining – Cokelat

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shoulder bag style
Ataru Tote Bag Canvas – Powder Pink

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4. Small sack

mini bag model

Don’t you really like big bags because you only carry a few things when you travel? This model of a bag will be perfect for you.

Although it is small, you can put many items, from keys, airpods, card holder, down to the lipstick. Mini bag It will be very nice if you use it to go to the mall or to a party, you know. Here is a recommendation min sack that might be an option for you.

small bag
Susen Croco Small Bag 3046 – Green

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small brown bag
Susen Croco Small Bag – Chocolate

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5. Clutch sack

tas clutch model

The next bag model is clutch. You can use this bag model to go to parties or other formal events.

The special features of clutch it is strapless with an elegant design. To use, just hold, like this model bag.

red clutch bag
Ataru Clutch Bag – Red

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clutch bag
Ataru Clutch Bag – Coklat

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6. Backpack

bag patterns

Surely you are familiar with this bag model, right? This bag is shaped like your old school bag, but smaller.

This bag will be perfect if you want a relaxed activity. Although it is smaller than a normal bag, this bag can still store a lot of things, you know. By using this bag, you will look more expensive at the same time sportive.

drawstring bag pattern
Ataru Canvas Drawstring Backpack – Black / White

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krem krem ​​bag
Ataru Tas Backpack Nylon – Cream

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7. What Bucket

tas bucket model

No wonder this bag is called bucket bag because its shape resembles a basket or a bucket.

Usually, this model of a bag has a rope as a cover so that the top looks closed. Bucket bag also provided with a handle strap, as handbag, shoulder bagand sling bag

yellow bucket bag pattern
Susen Tas Bucket Top Handle 2028 – Kuning

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white bucket bag
Susen canvas bucket bag with top handle

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So, there are 7 models of women’s bags that you should know. Do you already have all these models? If not, grab the bag immediately so you don’t miss out on the trend fashionof!

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Other than that, make sure choose a quality bag to make it last longer. You can find many models of bags fashion better only in variety.

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