Here are 7 Benefits of regular exercise for the body

Here are 7 Benefits of regular exercise for the body

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Exactly on September 9, we will celebrate the National Sports Day (Haornas). The celebration of the National Sports Day is a form of concern for education and the spirit of sports in the community.

The emergence of Haornas was inseparable from the celebration of the First National Sports Week in 9-12 September 1948 in Solo. At that time, Indonesia could not follow competition world sport in England because it has not yet received recognition for its sovereignty.

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This is why Indonesia organizes its own sports competition which is called National Sports Week.

Well, September 9, 1948, which was the opening event for the event, was designated as the National Sports Day every year. To date, the National Sports Week in Indonesia has been held 19 times.

Given the spirit of sport at that time, of course we must also be aware of the importance of exercise. In addition, there are many benefits that you can get from exercise, both for physical and mental health.

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Even if we have a busy schedule, we need to put 10-15 minutes every day to do light exercise. In addition, there are many types of sports that we can do at home without having to go to the gym gym

the benefits of exercise for the body
Exercise can provide physical and mental health for the body.

So, what are the benefits of exercise for the body?

Here are the benefits you can get if you exercise regularly. Go ahead, start preparing your sports equipment now.

1. Exercise is healthy for the heart

The main benefit of exercise is that it can nourish the heart. Regular exercise is believed to strengthen the heart muscle, improve blood flow, and lower blood pressure levels. cholesterol bad, and reduce the risk of heart disease and hit

2. Maintain bone and muscle strength

With age, muscle function and mass begin to decline. Well, with regular exercise, we can maintain muscle strength. In addition, exercise can also help maintain bone density and prevent the risk of osteoporosis.

3. Keep the weight off

Lack of activity plays a major role in weight gain and obesity. Launch from Healthlinewe spend more energy to digest food, maintain body functions, and move.

Therefore, you should exercise regularly to increase your body’s metabolism and prevent weight gain.

maintain weight
Exercise can prevent obesity and maintain the ideal body weight.

4. Improve Brain Health

Exercise can also maintain the brain’s memory and thinking power. you know. You see, an increased heart rate during exercise can increase blood and oxygen flow to the brain, thereby stimulating brain cell growth.

5. Prevention of chronic disease

Regular exercise can improve insulin sensitivity, heart health, and lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. Of course, this can prevent the onset of chronic diseases, such as: diabetescardiovascular disease and cancer.

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6. Improve Sleep Quality

Do you want more sound and quality sleep? Well, exercise can also help you achieve this. You see, the energy lost during exercise will be restored when we sleep.

Also, body temperature that increases during exercise will decrease during rest. Therefore, the sleep will be of better quality.

7. Boost Mood and makes you happy

When you exercise, your body produces serotonin and endorphins. Well, these two hormones play a role in improving mood and giving feelings of happiness.

So, when you have stress, exercise can be a way to deal with it.

exercise improves mood
Exercise can improve mood and deal with stress.

So, what are the sports equipment that can be used at home?

It doesn’t always have to be gymwe can also exercise at home, you know. In addition, there are many sports equipment that we can use, such as the following.

1. Such to jump

Such to jump is a tool used for the sport of jumping rope. The movement is quite easy because we only need to swing the rope and jump. Therefore, it can be done anywhere. Also, the price of the rope to jump quite affordable, like our recommendations below.

skipping rope sport
Iron Gym Tali Skipping Speed
Jump rope to train balance, coordination and leg agility.

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sports benefits to jump rope
Iron Gym Tali Skipping Nylon Speed
This jump rope is suitable for you to use for MMA, boxing and crossfit.

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2. Yoga Matt

There are many types of exercise that do not require special equipment and can be done at home. One of them is the yoga movement. However, to prevent injury, we need to use yoga mat as a basis for work out.

Yoga mat for exercises
Berwyn Single Layer Pvc Yoga Mat – Blue
Non-slip and impact-absorbing yoga mat.

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the benefits of the yoga mat
Berwyn Single Layer PVC Yoga Mat – Blue
Yoga mats are suitable for you to use for various types of yoga and workouts.

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3. Beard

Not only in gym, we can also exercise with a barbell at home. However, for beginners, we recommend using a barbell that weighs 2-5 kg.

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So, get some movement work out using a barbell, like triceps extension, front raise, lungeand much more.

sports barbell
Berwyn Neoprene Handlebars 5 Kg – Hitam
Barbell 5 kg to help the body stay fit and healthy.

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benefits of barbell exercise
Berwyn Neoprene Handlebars 2 Kg – Ungu
Barbell 2 kg to train the muscles of the hands and shoulders to the maximum.

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4. Treadmill and Static Bike

If you have enough space at home, you can consider using it treadmill and stationary bikes. With these two sports equipment, you can feel it benefits of cycling and run without having to leave the house.

exercise on a treadmill
Kinetic Motorized Treadmill 12p
This treadmill is equipped with wheels and you can fold it so it is more practical.

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stationary bike sport
Berwyn Ns-654 stationary bike
A stationary bike with a monitor to train the lower part of the body.

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Well, now you know how important exercise is for health? If you are confused about where to start, you can see several video tutorials for beginners and look for quality sports equipment only at

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Shopping site online It also provides medical equipment and supplies live at home other In addition, all products come from famous brands that belong to the Kawan Lama Group, such as ACE, Krisbow, Informa, Selma, etc.

Go ahead, start exercising regularly now! Happy National Sports Day!