Here are 6 ways to store bags so you don’t get mold at home

Here are 6 ways to store bags so you don’t get mold at home

You must be very upset if you have a favorite bag and then it becomes moldy because of the wrong way of storing it at home. Especially if the bag is expensive and limited edition, Of course, it would be even more annoying. Therefore, you should be smart to store the bag so that it remains durable and not timeless. And here’s how to store bags so they don’t get moldy at home that’s easy to practice:

6 ways to store bags from the press at home

How to store bags from Molding 1: Store the bags in the dust bags

When you buy a bag, you will usually be given a dust bag for storage. And in the dust bag there will usually be silica gel to make the bag more durable. Place your bag in the dust bag properly so it doesn’t get moldy. How to store the bags so that there is no mold on it is the easiest and most common way to do it.

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Storage bags from Molding 2: Keep the bag in a place that has good air circulation

Fungus grows quickly in wet places. So, put your bag in a place that has good air circulation. If you put the bag in the closet, then occasionally take your collection of bags to be exposed to the sun and not wet so that the fungus does not grow. Easy, right?

Storage bags from Molding 3: Check and clean the contents of the bag

We often put a lot of things in the bag. From pens to food, maybe we didn’t realize we put it on. So the presence of these objects will cause the growth of fungi. Therefore, do not forget to check and clean the bag when it is finished and you want to use it.

Storage bags from Molding 4: Dry the bag when it is wet

Do not allow your bag to dry on its own when it is spilled or splashed with water. Immediately use a dry cloth to absorb the water so that the bag remains in good condition and maintains its durability. Avoid using paper towels, as they can leave debris on the surface of the bag.

How to store bags from Molding 5: Use Anti-Fungal Lotion

You can easily find anti-fungal lotion for bags. The price is also affordable. So you can buy in bulk to build up your bag collections. How to use it is easy, just apply the anti-fungal liquid evenly to the entire surface of the bag.

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How to store bags from Molding 6: Use Silica Gel

Silica gel basically works to absorb moisture. Thus, by placing the silica gel in the bag, reduce the level of humidity and remove the presence of mold. So don’t just throw away the silica gel you first bought a bag of, OK!