Here are 5 ways to get rid of Laron fast!

Here are 5 ways to get rid of Laron fast!

Entering the rainy season, we usually find moths in the house. Its presence is often considered disturbing because the appearance of karon is usually in large quantities, because it can prevent the activities of the residents of the house. Therefore, there are many ways to remove the larvae from the house. And here are the 5 most practical ways to get rid of flies that you can practice:

How to get rid of Laron? This is how to remove Laron quickly

  • Repel Laron using Chili

Perhaps many do not know that chili can be used to repel moths. The trick is to cut or split the red chilies in half, stick them near the lights. The heat of the lamp will give the extract and the spicy aroma of chili that the moths do not like so that the animal is lazy to come.

  • Spray with insect repellent

Second, the easiest way to remove moths from the house is to spray with insect repellent. Especially now that the insect repellent is in the form of spray also easy to find both in market and also in the shops around the house. The price is also cheap, so you can buy some fruit to stock at home.

  • Repel Laron with MembFort the Water Trap

Repelling moths with water traps is the most common way to get rid of them. The steps are also very practical, just provide a basin or bucket full of water, then place the basin or bucket in an area that has a lot of larvae. Leave a few moments, the larvae will enter the basin or bucket.

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In addition to anti-insect sprays, today along with technological advances, there are also anti-insect lamps that are widely sold online and offline. This insect repellent lamp has ultraviolet rays that are harmful to insects. When you turn on this lamp, the larvae will approach the light source and will be exposed to the electrical voltage from the lamp.

Laron likes the light very much, that’s why they often hit the lamp. As a solution, turn off the lights in the house and light the candles. Laron will surely approach the candlelight. But do not forget to also prepare a water trap near the candle so that the larvae are trapped.