Here are 5 Examples of Gym Designs in Minimalist Homes

Here are 5 Examples of Gym Designs in Minimalist Homes

Maybe you’ve never thought about having a small gym at home. But for those who like sports, the presence of a gym in a minimalist home is very useful. Because there is no need to leave the house to exercise. For those of you who also want to have a home gym or are thinking about making a home gym, here are 5 examples of minimalist home gym designs that can be imitated:

5 Examples of Gym Room Designs in Minimalist Homes

Dominated by color marina, this gym is really simple and minimalistic. Even so, it is still functional with dumbbells complete with different weights and chairs to sit on to perform. work out. At the bottom there is also a sports carpet that is used as a base.

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The gym in the second minimalist house looks brighter with the choice of paint colors and the presence of windows on both sides of the room. Abstract line motifs on a part of the wall give a cheerful and not monotonous impression. In this room, there is a variety of sports equipment treadmillstationary bike and also gym ball.

Third, the gym in this minimalist home also has full exercise equipment. There is a treadmill, dumbbells, and a yellow chair for resting. The floor is also covered with thick carpets so that you can exercise comfortably.

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Effect played it seems so clear here. With the use of wallpaper, this minimalist gym is suitable for those of you who have a cheerful personality. In addition, there is also a glass on a part of the wall to see progress the training of the body that was carried out.

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Look for a narrow and dark space with the use of transparent tiles. That’s what happened to this minimalist gym. Even if it does not have a window and the room is narrow, it will still feel spacious because the use of transparent tiles is very useful for the level general view of the space.

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By having your own gym at home, you will definitely be more free to exercise. In addition, the gym makes you even more enthusiastic about exercise to achieve an ideal body and health. How? Are you also interested in having a simple gym at home?