Here are 5 Benefits of the Balcony at Home

Here are 5 Benefits of the Balcony at Home

Do you know the benefits of a balcony at home? The balcony or also known as the upper terrace is an element that is usually added to a multi-story house or one with more than one floor.

There are no special specifications for the size, shape or construction of the balcony, because it adapts to the size of the house itself. Balconies are often considered to add aesthetics to the exterior or facade of the house that can increase the sale value of the house.

However, what are the advantages of the home balcony? Here is the explanation:

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5 Benefits of the Balcony at Home

1. Maximize the entrance of the sun

The first benefit, the balcony can maximize the entry of the sun into the house. This can provide different good impacts, such as keeping the air fresh in the house, launch the air circulation or change, to make the room seem larger.

Not only that, the entrance of the sun through the balcony can be natural lighting in the house, so you can save electricity.

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2. Emphasize the last plan

The second benefit, the balcony can emphasize the difference between the ground floor and the upper floor. With a balcony, the difference in levels in the house will be seen more clearly from the outside. In addition, the balcony area can also emphasize the scale of the building.

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3. Broaden the view

The third benefit, the existence of a balcony can increase your visibility. In this way, the balcony can be a favorite place to see the view from the house. In addition, with increased visibility, you can also pay attention to various activities that occur around the house.

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4. Be a place to relax with the family

The balcony area can be a great place to gather and relax with the family. Add a chair, a table, or even a sofa to make the place even more comfortable.

From the balcony area, you and your family can enjoy the sun in the morning, see sunset afternoon, or various other fun activities.

5. Become soil for gardening

The fifth benefit, you can use the balcony area as soil for gardening. This mini garden on the balcony can be an alternative for those of you who like to grow crops but have no land. Gardening areas on the balcony can also make the house more beautiful, beautiful and alive.

There are many types of plants that you can choose from, from ornamental plants like cacti to vegetables like tomatoes, chilies and cucumbers. The location of the balcony that is directly exposed to sunlight is also very good for the growth of plants.

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These are 5 advantages of having a balcony area at home. Make your dream home come true at Gardens at Candi Sawangan. There are many choices cluster house with a minimalist style that combines function and aesthetics.

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One of the newest Gardens clusters, namely Evergreen Smart Living, is equipped with a balcony area to provide comfort in activities at home for its residents. Not only that, Gardens at Candi Sawangan is also equipped with various suitable facilities around it. Located in a strategic location, easy access and mobility, and surrounded by a beautiful and comfortable environment.

For more information, you can call the following numbers (021) 7470 7959 or 0812 9360 6612 (WA) or you can also visit the official Gardens website here.