Have you checked your Land and Building Bill? Here are 3 ways!

Have you checked your Land and Building Bill? Here are 3 ways!

When was the last time you checked your property tax bill? It is important for those of you who own a house to know what the Land and Building Tax (PBB) means. PBB is a mandatory tax by the government on the ownership of land or building that provides benefits, benefits and socio-economic status for a particular person or entity.

This type of tax is more to the object in the form of land and buildings, not to the subject or owner. Because it is material in nature, the amount of the tax is determined by the area and condition of the land or building.

According to Article 5 of Law No. 12 of 1985 and Law No. 12 of 1994 regarding Land and Building Tax (PBB), the tax rate imposed on the tax object is 0.5%. Meanwhile, the basis for imposing land tax and building tax is seen from the sales value of the taxable object (NJOP) which is calculated based on the market price at the time of the sale and purchase transaction.

So how do you check your home’s PBB bill? But first, make sure that the land or building you own is registered as a fiscal object that is declared with a Fiscal Object Number (NOP). Check out the discussion below:

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3 Ways to check house and construction bills

1. Check the invoice through the official website

Now you can check PBB bills online, one of which is through the official website. The method is not difficult, first visit the official site according to each region. For example, you are in Jakarta, then the site is https://bprd.jakarta.go.id/.

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Then open the e-SPPT page and register for the PBB e-SPPT. Then fill in your personal data and the system will verify. After successful verification, the system will send an e-SPPT download link by e-mail in which the invoice to be paid is stated.

2. Check via e-commerce

The second way is through e-commerce. Currently there are many e-commerce that provide services to check invoices and also to pay PBB. E-commerce that you can choose to check your PBB invoice, namely Shopee, Tokopedia, JD.ID, and Lazada.

If you are a Tokopedia user, start by selecting the Top-up and Billing option. Then select PBB Tax and enter the place of residence, the year of payment and the tax object number (NOP). Then select Check Bill, the amount of the PBB bill you have to pay will appear.

3. Check bills via e-wallet

The third way to check PBB bills is through e-wallet apps like LinkAja. First open the LinkAja application and click on the other menu options in the section home page. After selecting the Tax and Levies menu, select the Tax icon. Then enter the payment year and the tax object number (NOP). Then click on continue and detailed information will appear on the amount of the tax bill that you have to pay.

These are 3 ways to check your house A bill that you can do. As good citizens, of course, we must pay taxes in obedience, to help the government achieve national development. Also, with the sophistication of existing technology, paying taxes is now much easier.

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