Guide to choosing light colors for every room

Guide to choosing light colors for every room

The color of the lights in any room of the house can really affect the atmosphere that is created. In addition, the color of the emitted light can also increase mood we are currently active in the room.

The reason is that each color of lightning also has a different function. For example, for a work space, maybe we have to avoid lighting that is too white because it can hurt the eyes.

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It is different with the lighting in the dining room, usually the yellow light can be the right choice because it can create a warm atmosphere. While for living room or in the family room, we can use white to make it more cheerful.

So, what should we pay attention to when choosing the color of the lights?

Before buying and choosing lamps for your home, consider the following important things.

1. Attention to ambient lighting

The thing to note is the amount of lighting coming from outside the room. Use the type candelabra o wall lamp to create tone light that can illuminate the whole room.

2. Adjust to the Room

The choice of a lamp should also be adapted to the theme of the room. For example, for the bedroom you can choose lamps with slightly dim lighting and have a simple design.

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In addition, you can also adjust the size of the lamp to the area of ​​the room so that the light produced can be distributed more evenly.

3. Pay attention to the type of bulb used

There are different types of bulbs that we know, such as LED lamp, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, etc. As it turns out, each of these types of lamps can affect the temperature and the color they emit. Therefore, we have to choose the right lamp model.

So, what kind of lamp color suits each room?

After choosing the right lamp, we must also be able to adjust the color of the lamp to the room in the house as follows.

1. Hall

The living room has an important function to entertain relatives or gather with the family. For this area, we can use yellow lights that can create a warm atmosphere.

So that the room looks more luxurious and elegant, we also use a round lamp that is quite large, as the following inspiration.

lamp color guide
Round LED ceiling light Eglo Frania 14.6 Watt 3000k

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2. Dining room

The dining area is also a place to spend time with the family while eating a meal. Therefore, we need to use warm colors, such as yellow bulbs, white warm, etc.

We can also arrange the lights right at the top of the dining table using a simple chandelier, like the following inspiration.

how to choose the color of light
Eglo Loncino Decorative Luster 3l – Silver

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3. Cooking

The kitchen is an area that is used perform various cooking activities. Therefore, make sure to use lights that can illuminate the entire room so that we can prepare food more comfortably.

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Use bright white lights and install LED strip lights under the cabinets to make the kitchen look charming.

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lamp for the kitchen
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4. Bedrooms

Lights that are too bright can make it harder to fall asleep. To improve the quality of sleep, use a lamp with fresh tone and soft colors.

You can use a circular or square type of LED ceiling that is generally designed for bedrooms.

lamp color
Ceiling light Eglo Capasso 24 W 3000 K – White

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5. Bathroom

In addition to being used for bathing, we also often perform various other rituals in this room, such as dressing, skin care, and so on. Therefore, we need bright lights in the bathroom, especially near the mirror.

We can use hanging lamps or downlight LED with white or white-yellow color.

guide to choose a light color
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ice cream
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Well, there are some light colors that you can adjust according to the type of room.

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