Guide on how to choose the best ironing board

Guide on how to choose the best ironing board

Stora Ironing board with powder coating 117x34.5 cm - white

It’s no longer a secret that clothes can fade after washing. However, this problem can be easily solved if we do not iron. Of course, we need to use the right ironing board.

You see, a flat ironing surface can make the clothes we iron cleaner and smoother. Also, the ironing time will be faster.

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For this reason, there are several things that we need to consider when choosing an ironing board. Also, we use it almost every day.

So, how do you choose a quality ironing board?

Take it easy, this time we will provide answers on how to choose a quality ironing board.

1. Pay attention to the size of the ironing board

how to choose an ironing board
Make sure you choose the right table size and consider the storage space

First, you have to pay attention to the size of the table first. Thus, you can adjust to your needs and the size of the room to store.

Indeed, a large ironing board can make it easier for us when ironing quite thick fabrics, such as sheets and curtains.

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However, keep in mind that we have to provide a fairly large storage space as well. Therefore, the ironing board can also be stored properly.

So, if you only use it to iron clothes every day, even a small iron will not be a problem.

2. Choose the Best Layer Material

how to choose an ironing board
Metal cover for Stora ironing board

When choosing an ironing board, be sure to consider the type of coating material used. Choose an iron table surface made of cotton so that it is soft when used as a base for clothes.

3. Consider the type of Ironing Board

how to choose an ironing board
Choose the sitting model if you only need to iron in a short time

The models of iron tables are very different. However, in general, there are only two types of tables that you can choose from, namely standing and sitting types.

Iron table type seat, usually some have short legs. Don’t worry, you can still find sitting ironing boards without legs. Well, this type of sitting table can be used if you only do ironing in a short time.

While the standing type of ironing board usually has a fairly high buffer size. This is what makes it necessary to iron while standing.

If you often iron for a long time, a standing ironing board is the right choice because it can reduce the risk of your feet becoming numb and tingling.

4. Choose the shape Type of boat

how to choose an ironing board
Stora 91x30cm Asse da Ferru – Grey, white

Type of boat is a model of an iron board that often resembles the shape of a boat. This section is usually made to make the process of ironing shirts, t-shirts and sheets easier.

Recommendations for Stora brand ironing boards

After knowing how to choose one, we have some recommendations for the best tables that you can buy on the site ACE Online through varietysuch as the following.

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1. Ironing Table Gray Color

Stora 124x44.5 cm Folding ironing board - Grey
Stora 124×44.5 cm Folding ironing board – Grey

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The first iron table board is made of iron with a smooth and smooth cotton surface. On the sides, this table is equipped with a place to put an iron with a heat-resistant silicone coating.

The advantage of this iron table is that the height of the table legs can be adjusted, from 66 cm to 85.5 cm.

2. White folding ironing board

ironing board
Stora 109.2×35.6 Cm Folding Ironing Board – White

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You can use this folding ironing board recommendation for steam and dry irons. With the ironing board model, you can adjust the height of the board from 77 cm to 82 cm.

Take it easy, this ironing board can be stored in a corner of the house when not in use.

3. Standing ironing board

ironing board
Large Iron Table 158×52 Cm – White

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Unlike others, this ironing board is made of cotton sponge. Therefore, it is soft enough to be used as an iron mat. Another plus is that there is a special hook that can hold the iron rope.

4. Minimalist ironing board

ironing board
Sheet 91x30cm Iron Board – Grey/white

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For a minimalist look, you can choose this Stora brand ironing board. With a simple geometric pattern, this table looks attractive when in use.

The size of the ironing board is approximately 91x30x79 cm. However, you don’t have to worry because you can fold it and store it in the corner of your house.

5. Special ironing board sleeves

how to choose an ironing board
Large 50.5 × 12.5 Cm Iron Table Sleeve – Grey

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For this ironing board, it is specifically for ironing handles because it is smaller. Even so, the surface of the table is still made of a layer of fine quality cotton.

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6. Blue ironing board

how to choose an ironing board
Stora folding ironing board – blue

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Finally, there is an ironing board that is 12 cm high and can be folded. In addition, the feet are equipped with anti-slip, so they do not fall easily on a slippery floor. The material is made of 100% cotton with a 5 mm thick cushion.

This is how you can rely on choosing the best ironing board for daily use, as well as advice. So, which model of ironing board do you like best?

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