Getting married or buying a house first?

Getting married or buying a house first?

What should come first, getting married or buying a house? This is one of the questions that millennials often face after reaching the ideal age. Getting married and buying a house is a difficult choice, because both are equally important and require a lot of money. In truth, you want to get married or buy a house first is everyone’s choice. But of course, there are many considerations that must be taken into account, especially in terms of cost.

Considerations before choosing between marriage or buying a house

Here are some considerations you should pay attention to:

If married before

The cost of the wedding is really cheap, what is expensive is the cost of the party or reception. If you and your partner already have plans to get married then there is nothing wrong with that.

Marriage can be an encouragement for you and your partner to have a home. Have a simple wedding to save money, so the remaining funds can be prepared to pay back the house.

The installation of a house also provides an advantage because sometimes a joint account is needed to apply for a home loan from the bank. For a place to live, you can work on it by living with your parents first while you collect the cost of buying a house.


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If you buy a house first

Meanwhile, buying a house first and then getting married is also permissible. If you still want to start a career and marriage is not a top priority, then putting some of your income to pay for your house (applying for a mortgage) could be the best step.

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In fact, buying a house as soon as possible is better because you see property prices that continue to rise every year. After the house is bought, the next step is to get married. That way, you and your partner no longer need to be confused because you already have a place to live.

Buying a house before getting married also has an advantage, that is to say that the costs of the mortgage can be borne by a partner who also works. Because usually after marriage, the husband and wife combine their income or also known as common income.

It can be concluded that marriage and buying a house are equally important. So, in reality, there is no right and wrong. You can get married or buy a house first, depending on each other’s priorities and financial capabilities. Make your dream home come true at Gardens at Candi Sawangan.

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