Get to know the types of floor coverings, functions and tips for application

Get to know the types of floor coverings, functions and tips for application

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Coating Parquet is a floor covering material whose main function is to protect the floor from friction and impacts. Concrete floors, tile floors and cement floors are given coating the floor will be relatively more durable because coating the floor makes the floor not easily scratched and broken.

Coating floor is also known as epoxy floor because the material is made of resin material epoxy, a chemical that strengthens the surface layer of the floor. In addition to strengthening the surface, coating The floor also makes the floor surface more shiny and beautiful.

Coating dirty floor, coating concrete floor, coating cement floors and coating Granite floors are also part of floor maintenance to keep it clean. Coating the floor will prevent stains, dust and other impurities from entering the pores of the floor.

Characteristics coating floors differ, depending on the type of floor being covered. To learn more, here is an overview of the species coating floor!

Coating floor tiles

Get to know the types of floor coverings, functions and tips for application


Clay as the main material for floor tiles is a material that is prone to breaking, especially if it is used for areas with high traffic such as shops, cafes, etc. For this, you need to protect it with coating floor tiles.

Material coating There are also floor ceramic tiles that are waterproof thus protecting external floors from rain and internal floors in wet areas such as bathrooms and service areas.

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Some manufacturers provide coating Floor tiles in various colors. In this way, you can change the appearance of the tiled floor without having to disassemble the floor.

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Coating cement floors and coating dirty floor

Get to know the types of floor coverings, functions and tips for application


Cement floors are really a support for displaying the charm of exposed materials in modern interiors. However, if you don’t go through the process finishing It is true that the surface of a cement or plaster floor can be uneven. The surface of the cement floor and the mortar floor must be smoothed finishing correct and coated materials coating floor.

Coating cement floors and coating A floor washer also serves to make the floor cooler to walk on and look great. The pores on the floor will be tightly closed, and the remains of cement dust will be protected. In this way, the floor will not quickly get splashed, dirty and dull.

If you want the look of a natural exposed floor, go for it coating variant of cement floors clean. However, if you want to apply a more diverse view, there is coating cement floors and coating white tile floors, broken whiteand gray to choose from.

Coating granite floor

Get to know the types of floor coverings, functions and tips for application

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The natural look of granite will certainly add to the shine of your home. However, if you choose a granite floor, you must be prepared for special maintenance to keep the granite floor looking beautiful and lasting a long time. Some of the ways are re-polishing to bring the granite floor back to its shine and coating coating granite floor.

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Water splashes, food spills, and even prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause granite floors to turn dull and yellow. Coating Granite floors are required to protect the outermost layer of the granite floor surface from the risk of damage.

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Coating concrete floor

Get to know the types of floor coverings, functions and tips for application

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Concrete floors on decks, terraces, carportand other areas must of course be protected because the floors in these areas are exposed to the risk of damage due to heavy loads. Coating concrete floor will increase the strength of the concrete, make it harder and make the concrete floor more beautiful.

If you plan to apply coating concrete floor, do not forget to clean the surface of the concrete floor first. Dust or dirt that has stuck to the surface of the concrete floor will give results coating fewer prime ministers. After making sure that the concrete floor is clean, cover the floor the first cat. Then coat the floor with coating the first stage of the concrete floor and after drying, apply the coating coating another level of benefit roller agar coating concrete floor is more perfect.

That’s the guy’s comment coatingfunctions, as well as advice on coating floors in buildings. Find your different needs, starting with construction products and materials to consult with interior designer to us, only in Archives!