Get to know the Penthouse Apartment and its advantages

Get to know the Penthouse Apartment and its advantages

Many urban areas build vertical houses due to limited land. This vertical residence also has a type of penthouse apartment.

So what kind of penthouse is this and what are its advantages? If you are curious, Pins can listen to the following short review!

What is a Penthouse Apartment?


The penthouse is on the top floor of an apartment. This type of apartment has high privacy because it is located on a special floor. The units are exclusive and luxurious and built in limited numbers.

If the apartment has three roof then the number of available penthouses is also three. The appearance of a penthouse is similar to a visible house because it has many rooms.

The landed house itself has a minimum size of 300 square meters. In addition, the penthouse has a private terrace and is supported by a private elevator. Although it is located on the top floor, the security of the penthouse is guaranteed.

The building has the best materials and is spacious in size. The penthouse is designed to have large windows to maximize the view from the height of the penthouse.

Advantages Penthouse


Penthouses have a high maintenance cost because they are the most spacious compared to other apartment units. Also, the price is quite expensive so only certain people can have it.

Even so the penthouse has many advantages over other units. Among them, Pins can look like this:

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Luxury amenities

The penthouse is equipped with exclusive and classy facilities. In addition to a private elevator, there is also a swimming pool. Pins can swim at the height of the building and has a much wider terrace.

This terrace can be used as a place to relax or garden. The interior of the room is filled with luxurious materials such as marble. The occupation is more exclusive and different from other units.

Access to external facilities such as a swimming pool or a gym can only be used by penthouse residents. Your outdoor activities will feel more private and exclusive.

Elegant interior

The spacious residence makes it easy to organize the room. Pins are more flexible in the arrangement of the room can also add gym personal The penthouse is an ideal substitute for a land house.

The furniture used looks elegant. For example, a bathroom with a spa, work space and meeting separately as from the modern kitchen equipment used. The elegant residential interior can increase the price of the penthouse itself.

Amazing view

Although other units also provide views from a height, it will feel different if Pins is in the penthouse. This apartment unit is located in the highest area of ​​the building. The view of the city is clearly visible with a wide viewing distance.

Minimal Noise

The penthouse is the perfect residence for Pins who like silence and serenity. The apartment unit on the lower floor always feels noisy due to the noise from outside and the neighbors next door.

Unlike the penthouse which is on the top floor of the apartment building. Pins will not hear noise from neighboring units. Limited units cause the risk of neighbors making the noise in front of the residential unit is minimal.

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Spacious apartment

As stated earlier, the penthouse is the most spacious apartment unit. This gives the owner an advantage to create additional entertainment areas such as jacuzzi spas.

The penthouse is perfect for a family residence. There are many rooms or rooms available.

Better description

Penthouses usually have large windows that maximize natural light. The room does not seem dark during the day because the sunlight enters the maximum.

High value

With so many advantages, it is not surprising that the price of the penthouse is the highest compared to other units. If you analyze Pins from an investment point of view, the penthouse is the right choice.

The demand is always high every year so the selling price is high. Pins can also be rented out to increase income if you don’t want to use it as a place to live.

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Differences Penthouse with other types of apartments


Penthouse units are really different from other types of apartments. Other types here can be studio apartments, 1 bedroom2 bedroomuntil 3 bedroom.

The penthouse occupies the entire top floor of the building and is not shared with other units. In contrast to other types of apartments that occupy part of the floor of the building.

The facilities in the penthouse are personal or used in the unit. While other units use common facilities. The design of the rest of the unit is determined by the real estate developer.

It is different if Pins buys a penthouse, then the design can be customized. It is not surprising that the price is quite expensive because it also uses a full plan. Other apartment units are cheaper because they are shared with other apartment types.

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If Pins is classified as a person who maintains privacy, then the penthouse is the right solution. The other units have privacy but not as much as the penthouses.

Tips for choosing a Penthouse


If Pins is interested in owning a penthouse, do not buy carelessly. Pay attention to some of the points below so that you don’t get lost in the future:

  1. Buy a penthouse that is strategically located and not far from public facilities such as schools, shopping centers and hospitals
  2. Check the security system around the apartment and check the facilities offered are worth the price
  3. Pay close attention to occupant access. Is there special access for penthouse residents or is it combined with other units?

The penthouse apartment is one of the high value properties. It has many advantages and is different from other apartment units.

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