Get to know the concept of green living for your home

Get to know the concept of green living for your home

Surely you are familiar with the term green living, right? The term that is currently being used by many parties on different social media platforms invites us to pay more attention to the environment.

The conditions of the emergence of the concept of green life are environmental problems such as global warming and environmental damage that are increasingly worrying. This situation is felt in many areas, especially for people who live in urban areas.

Many parties have adopted and support this concept of green living, including property developers. Now many property developers make this concept as one of the main points in the construction of houses.

So actually, what is the concept of green living? Go ahead, see the following explanation!

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What is the concept of Green Living?

Illustration of a house with a green living concept
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), United States, green life is a concept or lifestyle that is carried out by reducing or even not having a macro negative impact on nature.

According to the World Health Organization, there are 13 million deaths a year and almost a quarter of all diseases are caused by the environment. In addition, 33% of the disease occurs in children under the age of five. Health problems such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiovascular disease and stroke can be exacerbated by an unhealthy environment.

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For this reason, this concept is expected to protect the environment and have a good impact on health to protect yourself and others.

Benefits of Green Living

The idea of ​​green life is very important for survival, not only for humans, but also for nature. The benefits of this concept for nature, can maintain sustainability and balance that of course can also support the survival of human life.

If nature is maintained, it improves the quality of oxygen inhaled by humans. If the quality of oxygen is good, the health will also be well maintained. Because, the poor quality of oxygen can bring different types of diseases such as respiratory diseases.

In addition, by implementing this concept, you can also save energy and reduce environmental waste. Therefore, the environment will be better maintained. So that it provides peace and comfort for the man himself.

With the many benefits derived from this concept, it is not surprising that real estate developers are interested in implementing the concept of green living in the construction of housing units.

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Green Living Concept for Residential

If you are interested in applying the concept of green life to your home, you can start with simple things, such as the creation of a small garden at home. You can choose house plants that are easy to care for. So with the park you can create green areas in your residential area.

But if your residential area does not have enough land, don’t worry. You can also forget by creating a vertical garden or keep ornamental plants that can be placed in spaces in your residence. Planting indoor ornamental plants can also help improve indoor air quality.

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You can also start using recyclable items in your home, such as packaged beverage bottles that you can make into home decorations. So reducing the use of plastic shopping is also an effort to apply this concept to your home, you can replace shopping plastic with cloth bags that can be used repeatedly. Then the rest of the food you consume with your family can also be transformed into fertilizer for the plants.


Applying the concept of green life is one of the efforts to preserve nature, it is never too late if you want to start. We can start to maintain harmony with nature for the sake of our future generations. We leave your house now!