Get ready for home gardening with these 10 supplies!

Get ready for home gardening with these 10 supplies!

gardening at home

Gardening activities are one of the latest trends in free time at home. In addition, you can plant many types of plants, such as vegetables, fruits and decorative plants.

However, there are several things that you must prepare so that the gardening activity can be carried out successfully.

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So, what are the must-have gardening tools at home?

To be able to take care of all the plants in your home, take a look at the list gardening equipment what you have to prepare is the following.

1. Planting Media

Prepare the planting medium so that the plants can grow and thrive. Choose an environmentally friendly planting medium that has macro and micronutrients, like our recommendations below.

home gardening media
Magic Gro Media Planting Mettan Cork S

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planting media
Tanam Cocopeat Pasteurized Media

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2. You can

Apart from being a container for planting, minimalist pots can also make the plants more beautiful. You can use a few white plant pots to place indoors and outdoors.

home gardening pots
Clover 18 Cm Athena Potted Plant – White

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3. Plant Seeds

Also prepare plant seeds, both fruits and vegetables. If you want to beautify your home, the seeds of ornamental plants can be the right choice.

The most important thing is to make sure you choose quality seeds with 85% growth potential, as our recommendations below.

chili peppers
Red Arrow Chili Seeds of the Gods 43

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home gardening tomato seeds
Red Arrow Gammara Tomato Seed

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4. Fertilizer

Fertilizer is used to feed plants and fertilize the soil. A good fertilizer should ideally have a texture that is not too hard and easily decomposes.

Be sure to use fertilizer that is free of harmful chemicals, as we recommend below.

compost ornamental plant fertilizer
Fertilizer Media Compost Combo 25 Kg

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plant compost
Spidey Compost Media Fertilizer Activator 250 Ml

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5. Garden shovel

You can transfer the planting medium into the pot, dig a hole, and spread the fertilizer with a shovel. Be sure to choose a shovel with an ergonomic handle for comfortable use, as our recommendations below.

gardening shovel at home
Krisbow Hand Shovel Garden Shovel – Yellow

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Nylon garden shovel shovel
Nylon garden shovel shovel

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6. Gloves

To prevent your hands from getting dirty, you can also use waterproof gloves for digging, planting and dredging the soil. Choose gloves that are easy to clean, like our tips below.

gardening gloves
Yardsmith Gardening Gloves, Size 9

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gardening gloves
Yardsmith Men’s Gardening Gloves Size 8

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7. Waterer plants

For the plants to grow, of course, we need water regularly. For this reason, you can use an irrigation plant to keep the water and remove it evenly, as follows.

Plastic plant waterer
Plastic watering can for plants 1.5 Ltr

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watering the garden plant at home
Waterer for garden plants Kris 3 L – Blue

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8. Scissors Gently

Branch shears have various functions, from cutting twigs, shaping plants, and cutting dry leaves. You need to do this regularly so that the plants can grow well.

scissors slowly slowly
Yardsmith Anvil Model – Green

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gardening shears
Krisbow 20 cm branch shears

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9. Terrarium

If you want to garden at home, you can use a beautiful terrarium. If necessary, choose a terrarium that is equipped with beautiful ornamental plants to beautify the house, such as the following.

terrarium gardening at home
Terrarium 14r 39x23x23 Cm – Green

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Artificial Plants Terrarium Y24

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10. Garden decoration

To make the appearance of the plants more attractive, you can add them garden decoration around the plants. Choose bamboo-themed garden decorations to give a fresh and natural impression, like our tips below.

home garden decoration
Fountain Poly Garden Decoration Bamboo fountain

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water decoration
Kris Garden Horace Fountain Ornament 18 cm

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So, this is the equipment you have to prepare to be ready for gardening at home. Everything gardening needs over easily just through variety.

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