Get inspired for healthy, nutritious breakfasts you can follow at home

Get inspired for healthy, nutritious breakfasts you can follow at home

JAKARTA, – After the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial situation of the family is still a great concern, especially for housewives. Along with the threat of recession and global economic slowdown in 2023. Housewives play a very important role in the family, especially in terms of managing finances. With the threat of an economic downturn, you need to be smarter about managing your finances and addressing your family’s needs. However, don’t let your basic needs get neglected, especially when it comes to feeding children through healthy food.

A balanced diet is very important for children’s health and development, the main thing to focus on here is to start by providing healthy food. One thing that can be a source of energy for children when starting the day is a nutritious and nutrient-dense breakfast, because eating well in the morning can help support children’s activities throughout the day. Yulaika Widhiastuti, Nutritionist at Upfield Indonesia also shared that, “Children need the best nutrition from their mothers from the time they are in the womb and continue into adulthood. A balanced diet is key to ensuring this intake. When it comes to certain nutrients that are needed, such as Omega 3 and 6, vitamins A and E and a number of other nutrients. “Adequate intake of Omega 3 and 6 will help children grow and develop well, and adequate vitamins A and E will help build the immune system as long as it is accompanied by a balanced diet.”

On the other hand, data from the 2020 General Diet Survey (SDT) of the Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia found that 66.8 percent of children ate breakfast with poor food quality or did not meet the nutritional standards. needs, especially the intake of vitamins and minerals. Even 27 percent of children go to school hungry. “Considering the current conditions, Blue Band has been committed to meet the nutritional needs of Indonesian children as a trusted margarine brand since 1934. To meet the nutritional needs of the Indonesian people, Blue Band is now introduced at a new price of IDR 9,900 to provide delicious nutritious meals for families. to reach more Indonesian people to enjoy the nutritional benefits of at home. This more economical price is also Blue Band’s effort to invite parents and children in Indonesia not to miss breakfast,” said Upfield Indonesia Marketing Director Willya Suwito.

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There are a variety of staple foods that you can make as a nutritious breakfast meal, with the two most commonly consumed and easy to find foods being rice and eggs. Rice contains up to 130 calories and 53 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams, which can provide the body with energy. At the same time, eggs contain nutrients, starting from protein sources, vitamins B2, B6, B12 and selenium, which help meet the nutritional needs of the body. The following are some inspiring healthy and nutritious breakfast recipes that you can choose from while preparing breakfast in a very practical way, including:

Korean Tornado Egg “Tornado Egg”

Another source of inspiration for rice and egg recipes that can also appeal to children’s tastes is Korean-style Tornado Eggs. Moms can make more attractive-looking rice and eggs, and add the taste of Blue Band margarine, which gives dishes a delicious taste. You can also provide other toppings such as your child’s favorite sausages/vegetables.

French omelette

This menu is often used as a favorite to start the morning. You can add your little one’s favorite vegetables, for example, carrots. “You can use Blue Band as an oil substitute for frying eggs. The content of Omega 3 and 6, as well as the enriched vitamins and minerals in Blue Band margarine, are important for nutrition important for physical and mental development,” added Yulaika.


This meal menu is quite synonymous with breakfast, the delicious combination of rice and eggs can increase the child’s appetite. Even when you don’t have much time to cook breakfast, this simple cooking method can be your choice. As a variation, you can also add chicken/sausage and vegetables like peas or corn. The use of Blue Band margarine, which contains vitamins A and E, can be a source of daily nutrition for children.

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The invitation to prepare a nutritious breakfast for your baby is part of Blue Band’s mission to raise awareness among parents about the importance of the benefits of a nutritious breakfast for children. Blue Band itself promotes the start of nutritious breakfast education every morning to 350,000 Indonesian children and more than 1,500 primary schools in 2022, supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology and the Indonesian Ministry of Health. In preparation for children’s nutritional needs, breakfast education is conducted for children, parents and teachers.

“Blue Band has become part of Upfield and is the only margarine product to be enriched with 6 vitamins including A and E, which contain Omega 3 and 6 and are good for supporting the immune system. The nutritional content of Omega 3 and 6 in Blue Band cannot be produced by the body itself, where these two nutrients play an important role in the growth and development of children, so it strives to complement the nutritional needs of the Indonesian people. , Blue Band comes at a price of IDR 9,900 * to support the Indonesian people to meet their adequate nutritional needs,” said Wilya. (will/ega/d1)