Gardena Prime Living, a family’s dream home

Gardena Prime Living, a family’s dream home

Living in a comfortable residential area is certainly everyone’s dream. There are many things that need attention, such as comfort, location, environment, and the facilities available around. Gardena Prime Living from Gardens at Candi Sawangan is one of the residences that features these things.

Cluster Gardena Prime Living

Gardens at Candi Sawangan, is a residential area that presents a beautiful and modern residential area equipped with sustainable development. There are 6 types of clusters presented by Gardens, and one of them is Gardena Prime Living. This new cluster has 2 choices of unit types: type 112 and type 96. This time we choose type 112.

Cluster Gardena Prime Living type 112 comes with a building surface of 112 m2 and a land surface of 128 m2. Built 2 stories high, this cluster has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a large green open area, and 2 carports. It is suitable for those of you who have a large family.

This type of occupation carries the concept smart home which combines function and aesthetics. In addition to having an elegant modern design, Gardena is rich in features intelligent sync system profit and facilitate the activities of its inhabitants.

With this cluster, you can get various Smart Home Functions such as Alexa Voice Assistant, Doorbell, Motion Sensor, CCTV Outdoor Area, Smoke Sensor, Smart Light Switch, Smart Wall Socket, Smart Universal IR Remote Control, Smart Door Lock, Smart CCTV monitoring. , and Smart Contact Sensors. All the features that can be accessed through this mobile phone will certainly provide you convenience and comfort in performing various activities.

Not only does it have a beautiful area, the Gardens housing complex that is located in South Jakarta is also equipped with various facilities, a strategic location, as well as easy access and mobility to Jakarta. Realize your dream home with the Gardena Prime Living Smart Home system. You can get it with 0% DP and other attractive promotions. For complete information, you can contact the following numbers (021) 7470 7959 or 0812 9360 6612 (WA) or you can also visit the official Gardens website here.

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