Frank & co caters to the needs of diamond enthusiasts

Frank & co caters to the needs of diamond enthusiasts

on time, – Meet the needs of the community, jewelry lovers in Medan can now add to their collections by shopping at new outlets.

Because Frank & co. Under the patronage of Central Mega Kencana (CMK), Center Point Mall is coming up with a new concept in Medan.

Ferdi Felano, general manager of Frank & co., said that the opening of this store is proof of the commitment of Frank & co. to continue to provide the best service and innovation for customers. With its new concept, which is elegant and minimalist, it provides customers with innovation and convenience in choosing and shopping for high-quality diamond jewelry.

“The involvement of Frank & co. With this new concept outlet at Center Point Mall Medan, we aim to make things easier and provide more convenience for customers and jewelry lovers in Medan,” said Frank & co during the grand opening of the outlet. At Center Point Mall Medan, Thursday (1 /9).

Randy Alexander, area manager of Frank & co., added that for 26 years, Frank & co. It offers a collection of diamond jewelery with F color level quality standards and VVS clarity. This demonstrates a commitment to relentless innovation to meet customer needs through both jewelry and services.

“The collection here is more classical in design so that the jewelery can be used in various events and can be passed down for generations as the shape does not wear out,” he added.

Frank & co. every diamond jewelry that is. It is guaranteed to meet the criteria of Clarity (clarity), Carat (carat), Color (color) and Cut (cut). These four criteria ensure that all of Frank & co’s luxury jewelry is always exclusive and authentically authentic.

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“Not only that, but also cut, color, clarity, carat, freshness, authentication, perfect match quality, polish, symmetry, hearts and arrows, non-fluorescence and rarity,” he said.

“A wide variety of exciting promotions are on offer, including a limited-stock diamond pendant gift with winning purchases. As well as Rs 500,000 and Rs 1,000,000 discount cards,” he explained.

One of her royal customers, Ricni, admitted that she had been shopping for jewelry for 5 years. According to him, besides the quality of the product, the service is also satisfactory and the best.

“The design and quality of diamond jewelry is very fashionable and you will feel more confident if you wear it,” she concluded.(wool/eco/rls).