Fore Coffee Offers Fore Junior Fresh Drinks Especially for Little Ones – Alert Online

Fore Coffee Offers Fore Junior Fresh Drinks Especially for Little Ones – Alert Online – As a leading local coffee retail startup that strives to provide the best specialty coffee for Indonesian consumers, Fore Coffee continues to fuel brand love by introducing a new range of drink menus especially for kids.

Called Fore Junior, this drinks menu is specially designed for 5-13 year olds, offering cute and refreshing flavors that can be ordered from December 9. In addition, now moms and pops will no longer have to worry about enjoying coffee while spending time with their little ones at more than 125 Fore Coffee locations in Indonesia.

According to Vico Lomar, co-founder and CEO of Fore Coffee, the Fore Junior menu comes as children enjoy long school holidays to welcome the new year.

“The new year is full of things that increase enthusiasm and happiness. Fore Coffee also wants to participate in bringing happiness to all family members. As an innovative form of Fore Junior focusing on special beverages for children, Fore Coffee can be a beverage choice for everyone.”

Developed in consultation with a nutritionist, this latest Fore Junior drink menu is safe for children as it contains no coffee or caffeine. And it’s measured against the recommended sugar content of children’s drinks, so moms and pops won’t have to worry about giving Fore Junior to your little one.

According to him, the Fore Junior menu, priced between IDR 29,000 and IDR 32,000, is a form of Fore Coffee’s effort to strengthen its position as a lifestyle brand with entertainment venues that can become a favorite entertainment destination for parents and children.

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“This is in line with Fore Coffee’s mission to sharpen focus on the important things that are valuable, worthwhile and meaningful to consumers, as well as Fore Coffee, namely the perfect combination of the right products and quality consumer services that reflect Fore Coffee’s values.” explained..

This menu is also the result of the spirit of Grind the Essentials, which is the main principle in the creation of Fore Coffee. Grind the Essentials invites consumers to reevaluate and choose what is personally meaningful in life.

In addition, Fore Coffee is committed to providing the right products and services at all times, making customers feel comfortable by providing spaces and opportunities to reconnect with themselves in between the daily grind.

“Let’s create new memories as a family by spending vacation time at Fore Coffee. Now you can take your kids to the store because the Fore Junior drink menu is now available! For those on vacation, no need to worry because Fore Coffee is also available in more than 125 outlets across Indonesia, so this new drink menu and Fore Coffee’s signature menu can continue to accompany people wherever they are! – asked Matthew Ardian, Vice President of Fore Coffee Marketing. (wol/ari/d1)