Flooded house, handle and clean with these 7 ways

Flooded house, handle and clean with these 7 ways

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Friends 99, have you experienced a flooded house? Duh, After that, of course, all parts of the house will be dirty with mud. So that everything can be cleaned again, follow the tips and how to clean a flooded house quickly and accurately from www.lacrymosemedia.com Indonesia below, yuk!

The rainy season is back, Friend 99!

Those of you who live in flooded areas, be careful and be prepared for the unexpected of the flood.

Some time ago, for example, there was news about floods in many areas in Indonesia.

NahOne of the things caused by the floods is that not a few settlements are submerged by floods.

If this happens to you, of course, cleaning the house is one of the mandatory tasks to do after the flood recedes.

So what are the best ways to clean your home after a flood?

Here’s how!

Steps and how to clean a flooded house

1. Turn off the electricity

how to clean a flooded house

Turning off the electricity when cleaning the house after a flood is the first thing to do.

The reason is that there is a fear of the electric current flowing through the wells that are still in some parts of the house.

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Also, turning off the electric current will prevent you from being exposed to electric shocks that can put you in danger.

2. Use clean water or disinfectants

how to clean a flooded house

When a flood fills the house, it is usually followed by mud carried by puddles.

Therefore, you need time to clean with clean water.

Clean water will be able to make it easier for you to clean the stubborn mud.

If that method still feels lacking, you can also use a disinfectant liquid that is able to clean the germs and the soil that remains.

3. Elements of the group

After cleaning the mud and stagnant water, it’s time to group things in your house.

Pay attention to the condition of the items in every corner of the house.

Was it flooded or only part of it?

If it is affected by a flood, you must immediately clean and repair it.

Especially for materials made of wood that can rot and mold due to flooding.

For clothing and eating utensils, wash immediately with anti-bacterial soap.

Meanwhile, for collectible books, if they are not so damaged, dry them immediately or let them air out.

If the form is damaged, you must throw it away immediately.

4. Pay attention to wet goods

how to clean a flooded house

It is true that not all items are exposed to water during a flood, but you can be sure that your items are in wet conditions.

In addition, items made of cloth, such as clothes, towels and blankets are the easiest to be contaminated by bacteria.

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If so, wash the garment with hot water and hang to dry.

If you have a carpet that is still damp, wash it with two tablespoons of a disinfectant solution.

Then dry the carpet hanging and exposed to direct sunlight.

5. Beware of flooded walls of the house

The walls of the house cannot escape your attention, yes.

Immediately clean the walls of the mud that sticks with a brush and disinfectant.

If some parts of the wall are damaged and the paint is peeling, you can repaint.

6. Repair Electronic Devices

In addition to the interior of the house, usually your electronic devices are also affected by this flood.

Do not connect electronic devices that have been exposed to water, as this may cause damage to the electronic devices.

It is better if you take the damaged electronic device to a service center reliable to be repaired as soon as possible.

7. Contact the Insurance Company

how to clean a flooded house

You are very lucky if the house is insured.

Contact the insurance agent immediately after the flood enters the home.

Do not move items until officers arrive.

Meanwhile, if you need to move things quickly, be sure to take pictures or record with video first.

The insurance company will send an expert to help solve the flood problem.


So what, Friend 99 These were 7 ways you can do to clean your house after a flood.

Do not be careless and continue to be aware of the potential for diseases caused by flooding.

I hope these tips can help you later.

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