Five differences in financial mindset between men and women

Five differences in financial mindset between men and women

JAKARTA, – Five frequently discussed differences in the financial mindset between women and men. Both feel right and neither wants to lose.

Prita Hapsari Ghozie, a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Indonesia and co-founder of Zap Finance, spoke about this.

As reported by Okezone Sunday (11/12) on his personal Instagram page @pritaghozie, he basically said that men and women are different. Nothing can change the way another person thinks.

He advised that if a man and a woman plan to be together for a long time, they should discuss it with each other.

“The goal is to transform different ways of thinking into something mutually intelligible,” he said.

There are five differences in the financial mindset between women and men.

1. Budget review.

According to Pritha, the two have different views.

“Women spend more of their finances on taking care of the family, while men rarely split the budget.

Women focus on live-save-play and rarely make allowances for personal needs. This is because most married women would prefer to budget for household needs, while men would prefer the opposite. This is why men rarely feel guilty when shopping, but women do.

2. Reducing costs for the sake of investment

Preeta also thinks that the two are reluctant to do so.

“Apparently, the cabin’s answer is: No! Shopping is not just buying goods, it is also an experience,” said Prita.

The difference is that if women think that shopping is fun, men come to the point of any shopping. Men are also very purposeful shoppers and never regret their purchases, while women are the opposite. They have first-hand experience in choosing and reading reviews before buying, the goal is not to buy wrong and regret it.

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3. How Investment Decisions Are Made

In terms of percentage, only 26% of women make investment decisions independently, while another 71% consider saving to be the same as investing.

Unlike men, they are very confident in their investment decisions and tend to be aggressive.

But usually men hide when the position “LOSES”.

4. Risk and Investment Profile

Assessing all women’s risk profile and investment goals, only 16% have a risk-taking profile.

“The purpose of the investment is to achieve the well-being of the family, and then financial independence.

Unlike men, 41% of those with a risk-taking profile. Many men also think that investing is a competition.

5. How to learn how to start investing

55% of the data recorded on women investing started by reading books, attending courses or webinars, and listening to mentors and friends.

Meanwhile, 50% of the recorded data on investing by men started after they were bombarded by charts, graphs and books.

However, it’s worth noting that the rest said they didn’t need all that to start investing because they believed investment success was “after that.”

So Prita concluded that financial literacy is important.

However, this does not mean that you should strengthen your opinion, preferring good and comfortable communication for both parties who have different opinions to achieve good goals together.

This is the right step to start your financial struggle in your new life because you will be living together for a long time.

“Talking about finances should not be a problem, because there will be more difficult obstacles in the future,” he concluded. (okz/pel/d2)

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