Find out more about Rumah Type 36

Find out more about Rumah Type 36

One of the most popular house types today is the house type 36. It offers a minimalist size at a price that is ideal for a new family. However, many people consider this type of house to be quite narrow, making it difficult to organize the space.

Of course, such a thing is not entirely, but how can the occupant maximize the layout of the house type 36 to make it even better.

There are a number of things that you need to pay attention to when planning the space on a type 36 house so that it does not seem cramped. Starting from the selection of paint colors, the placement of furniture, and other things.

Therefore, this article will discuss more about the type 36 house with the plans and decorations suitable for a type 36 house. Check the following article!

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Definition of Type 36 House

The Type 36 house is a house that has a building area of ​​36m22. The floor area may vary for each house.

Some have a land area of ​​60 m2 and also the one from 72m2. The larger the land surface, the greater the remaining land to be used by the occupants of the house.

In general, many housing developers build 36/60 houses. In addition to being affordable, the surface of the land is 60 m2 on a house of 36 m2 already considered quite enough.

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The houses of type 36 have a general division of space, that is to say in the form of two rooms with a living room in the middle that also functions as a living room. In addition, there is a kitchen and a bathroom.

House design 36

house type 36 Kamila
Kamila cluster type 36

As with the relatively limited building area, currently many minimalist designs are applied to type 36 houses.

Making a minimalist style, the room of the house will have a wide and relieved impression so as not to create a narrow impression. However, you need to remove some unnecessary furniture to fit in the house.

Although it uses a minimalist design, the house of type 36 still has a modern and beautiful impression. This of course must be followed by the right design in every corner of the room.

Type 36 Home Price Range

The higher the price of land, the higher the price of houses of type 36 every year. Meanwhile, there has been an increase in demand for this type of house from time to time.

According to data from, the following is the price of 36 houses in several regions in Indonesia:

  • Tangerang: IDR 141 million – IDR 566 million
  • Bogor: IDR 260 million – IDR 676 million
  • Jakarta: IDR 470 million – IDR 599 million
  • Makassar: IDR 248 million – IDR 460 million
  • Yogyakarta: IDR 296 million – IDR 315 million
  • Depok: IDR 360 million – IDR 599 million
  • Bandung: IDR 390 million – IDR 500 million

These prices are greatly influenced by the limited land which makes the prices continue to increase every year. BI has predicted that there will be an increase in housing prices starting from the 1st quarter – 2019 and will continue to increase every year.

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Decorations for Type 36 Houses

To make the room in your type 36 home more tidy and more comfortable, of course you should put the right home decorations. Don’t let the decorations and furniture you have too much.

Because the building area is quite small, you can add some home decorations such as the following:

  • Install furniture against the wall to maximize space
  • Install a wide carpet and choose a minimalist color to make it look modern
  • Do not put a lot of decorations because it can create a narrow impression on the room
  • Try using household furniture that can be folded
  • Use a mirror to create an impression of relief in the room
  • Make sure the whole room gets enough lighting from outside the house

With some of the decorations mentioned above, your type 36 house will feel more comfortable and spacious. Of course, you can choose other decorations to enhance the look of your home.

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Gardens at Sawangan Temple: Beautiful Housing in South Jakarta

Kamiila Gardens Cluster at Sawangan Temple
Kamiila Gardens Cluster at Sawangan Temple

For those of you looking for a beautiful and green residence near the city, Gardens at Candi Sawangan is the right choice.

Gardens presents several types of clusters that you can choose according to your wishes. One of our best clusters is the Kamila Cluster.

With a combination of modern design and a green residential concept, of course it is ideal for those of you who want to live in a quality living environment. Providing peace and comfort makes the Kamila Cluster the right choice of home for you.

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There are also many types of sizes ranging from type 60, type 55, type 47, type 39, type 36 and type 30 which are of course very affordable.

Own your smart home immediately with Gardens at Candi Sawangan. For full information, you can contact our team on the following numbers (021) 7470 7059 or 0812 9360 6612 (WA), and in the contact column on the Gardens website.