Find out 4 things about folding furniture before you buy it!

Find out 4 things about folding furniture before you buy it!

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One way to get around space limitations is to use folding furniture. WITH folding furniture, a small room can still look spacious without having to reduce the actual size of the furniture. Not only for interior furniture, folding furniture if necessary, it can also be installed outdoors.

If you are thinking folding furniture for housing, know in advance 4 things about folding furniture next!

What is that folding furniture?

Collapsible means foldable. Folding furniture is furniture that can be folded or compacted so that the shape and space required for its installation can be smaller than ordinary furniture.

Folding furniture it is not the result of a modern innovation because this furniture has existed since ancient Egyptian and Roman times, for example on the throne chair of Tutankhamun from Egypt in the form of a bronze folding chair. Its development became fast and innovative after entering the modern era in the west of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

Folding furniture again in popularity at the end of the 20th century (era of the 1990s) until today. If in the previous centuries the reason for the choice folding furniture for the sake of social status, limited space is now one of the frequent reasons for use folding furniture.

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Find out 4 things about folding furniture before you buy it!


Diversity of species folding furniture

There are at least 3 types folding furniture. Type folding furniture the first is a folding chair (folding chair), which is the type we see most often. Second, you will find a folding table (folding table) such as a folding dining table (folding dining sets), folding desk, folding balcony table and so on. Third, there is a folding bed (folding bed).

Besides these 3 types, there are various other pieces of furniture which foldablefor example barbecue or collapsible grills, collapsible kitchen shelves, collapsible clotheslines, to collapsible ironing tables.

Find out 4 things about folding furniture before you buy it!

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Advantages of using folding furniture

In addition to saving space, there are various other advantages when using it folding furniture.

It is easy to prepare
Folding furniture is practical and flexible. Unlike ordinary furniture, folding furniture easy to store. As an example, murphy bed or wall bed is a folding bed that can be easily folded when not used for sleeping. Folding chairs can be used practically in the home because they can be folded and neatly stored away.

It is easy to move
In addition to being easy to keep, several species folding furniture it is also easily moved from one place to another. For example, you can move a folding chair after use.

Make the space more spacious
For apartments with limited space, folding furniture it will make the room more spacious. the moment folding furniture When folded, the space becomes more spacious and can be used for other purposes.

Find out 4 things about folding furniture before you buy it!

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Available in various models
Like ordinary furniture, folding furniture comes in different designer models. Classic, traditional, modern to contemporary models are also available. An example of a model folding furniture is a garden chair American lawn (Frederic Arnold Company, 1947), folding chair external Fenby chair (Joseph Beverley Fenby, 1855), and folding chairs that are often found as seats at celebrations and are the result of John Cram’s design from 1855. In addition to the chairs, there is also a folding table. Drop Leaf Table with scissors (by Hans Wegner) i murphy bed.

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Find out 4 things about folding furniture before you buy it!

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How to apply folding furniture

Folding furniture it comes in various models for various purposes, both for indoor and outdoor spaces. Elections folding furniture it can also be adapted to the needs and follow the style of the existing room. A modern room in a minimalist style will suit folding furniture similar style, likewise folding furniture The traditional style will suit a space of a similar style. Folding furniture can also be made of adjusted to suit the needs and size of the installation space.

Find out 4 things about folding furniture before you buy it!


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Those are the 4 things you need to know before you have them folding furniture for your residence. Get a variety of products furniture complete your home and create your dream home right now, only with architects and interior designers who are members of lacrymosemedia!