Features of the fan condenser and how it works, complete!

Features of the fan condenser and how it works, complete!

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In general, the function of the fan capacitor is to store electric current. So how does it work? Go ahead, see the full description through the following article!

Property People, fan capacitors have a very important role and function.

The reason is that if this component is damaged, some of the signs will appear clearly on the fan.

If the fan capacitor is damaged, the rotation of the fan will slow down and, of course, this will affect your comfort.

As a result, you have to replace it with a new one.

In any case, pay attention to the size of the capacitor because the replacement of these elements requires similarities, even in terms of size.

Usually, the size of the fan capacitor is quite clear, which is between 1.5 F to 4 F.

Fan condenser function

fan capacitor function

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Launching different sources, there are many functions of fan capacitors.

1. Give initial power to Wind Fan Dynamo

As mentioned before, the function of the fan capacitor is to store the electric current.

For information, the fan needs a large enough power to produce the initial rotation.

Therefore, when the fan starts to spin, power is needed to be drawn from the charge stored in the capacitor.

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Thus, the presence of a capacitor in the fan works so that this electronic device can operate.

2. Affecting the rotation speed of the Fan

Another function of the fan capacitor is to determine the rotation speed.

For example, when you change the size of the capacitor to a larger one, for example, the rotation of the fan will be faster.

This happens the other way around, when the size is smaller, the rotation will be smaller.

Try if there is a change in the capacitor, the size is not too far from the default capacitor size.

How Fan Capacitors Work

When you turn on the fan, an electric current will certainly be flowed to the dynamo so that the fan rotates.

In setting the fan speed to a certain level, that’s when the condenser works.

The capacitor in the fan will produce a varying electrical voltage and flow to the motor or dynamo fan.

The faster the fan spins, the energy released by the capacitor will certainly be greater.

Characteristics of broken fan capacitors

fan broken

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There are several characteristics of a broken fan capacitor that you need to know. something?

  • By the time change in the ON position and the fan does not spin properly, then this is a sign of damage to the condenser.
  • The rotation of the fan is weak so that the wind that comes out is not great according to the number of buttons on the fan.

The price of the fan condenser

You can replace a damaged fan capacitor by purchasing a new capacitor.

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Usually these capacitors are available in electronics stores with varying prices.

In general, the price of a fan capacitor is around Rp. 5,000 to Rp. 20,000.

What is the Fan Capacitor Size?

In general, the size of the capacitor is different, starting from the size of 1.5uF / 250 Volt, 2.5 uF, and 3.3 uF.

Although the size of the fan capacitor is very varied, you can change the size of the capacitor from a small one to a larger one.

For example, you can change the size of the fan capacitor from a small 2.5uf to 1.5uF.

However, keep in mind that this will affect the level of fan rotation speed which becomes smaller.

This also applies vice versa, if the small-sized capacitor is replaced with a larger one, the rotation rate of the fan will increase faster.

The risk could be the impact on coils or coils that have the potential to be easily damaged quickly.

How to install the Fan Capacitor

  • Open section covered fan with a screwdriver, remove a few screws.
  • Cut the two wires connected to the two terminals of the capacitor, take out the capacitor.
  • Install a new replacement capacitor connected to the previously cut wire.
  • Wrap the connection with masking tape to prevent a short circuit.
  • close covered fan and tighten the screw.
  • Turn on the fan, if the installation is approved and correct, the fan will run normally.


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