Features of Home Lightning Protection to How to install

Features of Home Lightning Protection to How to install

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Friend 99, It seems that the rainy season will not end soon. Along with the rain that always falls heavily, thunder is often seen. So, is it necessary to install a lightning rod at home?

Lightning or often called throne cannot be taken for granted that’s it, because it can have an impact on the collapse of trees.

Worse, lightning can also cause an electrical short so that the house has the potential to catch fire.

The question is, should lightning rods be installed at home?

So how do you choose the right one?

Before installing, this is an important thing to learn.

Lightning protection function

lightning rods in buildings

The lightning that can be seen flashing and heard roaring, turns to carry a very large electric current, it can reach thousands of volts.

You do not know when and where exactly the lightning struck the surface of the earth.

One thing is clear, lightning tends to hit objects that are closer to the cloud, such as trees or tall buildings.

Falling rainwater can also conduct electricity from lightning to people or other objects.

This antidote is used as a medium to conduct electricity from lightning that is transmitted to other media such as the earth.

The higher the floor level of a house, of course, the greater the possibility of being struck by lightning.

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But this does not mean that a house with a floor does not need this tool.

Tiny houses with 1 floor and 2 floors are also prone to be hit if they are located in a high place.

If you feel that the area of ​​the house is often found thronethen it’s a good idea to install it immediately.

Type of lightning protection

There are two types of lightning rods, namely, conventional and electrostatic.

type of lightning rod

1. Conventional Lightning Protection

Conventional types of deterrents have been used since ancient times and their devices are quite simple.

Those of you who understand the world of electricity might be able to do it yourself because the materials can be found in construction shops.

This type of antidote is suitable to be installed in residential or small buildings, such as houses and tower

Conventional lightning rod

2. Electrostatic Lightning Arrester

Meanwhile, electrostatic or beam lightning is lightning that has a greater protection range or protects areas within a certain radius.

Due to its wide range, this antidote is suitable for large buildings, such as offices, factories, mining areas, golf courses, plantations.

This tool is based head terminal which is at the end of the antidote.

The higher the position, the wider the range of protection of an area against lightning.

nah Various types of lightning rods are available in the market, the prices for lightning rods also vary and can be adjusted according to the price budget.

Important components

Lightning rod cylinder

Property People, when you have decided to install lightning protection for your home, do not choose the materials without care.

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When purchasing the material shake it of course the function of the antidote will not be maximized and the house may still be at stake.

Lampshades must be made of materials that meet the requirements and coated with anti-corrosion material.

Some materials that meet these standards are copper and aluminum.

For the copper, choose the one whose quality is equivalent to the copper commonly used in the construction of PLN electricity.

Meanwhile, for copper alloys, choose materials that are really resistant to corrosion.

Launch the site bintangkurniajaya.co.id, There are 3 main components of a lightning rod, namely:

1. Head or Air Terminal

as the name suggests, head o air terminal is at the top.

Its shape in conventional antidotes resembles the tip of a spear

Meanwhile, in the electrostatic antidote, head they tend to be bigger and wider like an umbrella.

Its function is to be the target of lightning.

2. Conductor

The conductor is a cable to carry the captured power head going to grounding

3. The land aka Earth

Half the earth it is a lightning rod component that is grounded.

It is stated that the manufacturing and placement should not be too close to the building of the house.

How Lightning Arrester Works

home lightning rod

It must be understood that the clouds have a negative charge, while the earth has a positive charge.

That’s why grounding needed to dampen lightning.

When lightning is about to strike, positive charge from the ground will be attracted through the conductor at the end head

Chief positive charges will attract negative charges from the lightning and then produce electricity that is returned to the ground through the conductor.

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The negative energy will be neutralized by the positive charge on the ground so that it does not take anywhere.

Home lightning protection installation process

If you bought it or made it, pay attention to the following steps to install lightning rods for the house:

  • Make sure the system components are attached safely and securely. Imperfect installation causes the lightning protection system to not work effectively and to be damaged when struck by lightning.
  • Plant land to the depth of the groundwater or until it reaches a wetland. The purpose is that the lightning’s electricity is directly channeled to the ground.
  • Place the stick at the highest point of the house. In sloping roofs, the guard must be installed at a distance of no more than 0.6 meters from the end of the ridge.
  • Meanwhile, on a flat or sloping roof, the height of the barrier is not more than 15 meters. If the height is more than the standard cut, which is 6 meters, then provide a buffer to keep the bar against the wind.
  • Make sure the entire network of devices, starting from the head of the stick, the cable set, to the side grounding installed properly.


I hope that the information about the functions, types and how to install the home fuse can be useful for you. Friend 99.

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