Explanation of the Basement Parking Regulations in Apartments

Explanation of the Basement Parking Regulations in Apartments

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Recently, buying/renting apartment units has become increasingly common. People prefer this vertical residence because it is more efficient, especially in the facilities provided by the developer. Yes, they can experience various facilities like basement parking.

This facility is very important, because most residents must have a vehicle. And if the developer does not provide this facility, the residents will be confused to park their vehicle.

Well, you as a future resident should pay attention to the basement parking in the apartment that will be occupied. This is because basically, the basement has its own parking standard. And you have to check if the basement meets the standards.

This is an explanation of the basement parking in the apartment:

Parking rules in the basement in Apartments

There are many things to be aware of in the basement. Sometimes it sounds trivial, but if you don’t pay attention, it will always be difficult for you in the future:

  1. Minimum height head room it is 2.25 meters
  2. The road section in the basement is not narrow
  3. Check if the basement is often cleaned or not
  4. Make sure there are basement facilities such as toilets, prayer rooms and elevators to the apartment unit.
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Parking Rules Based on Apartment Building Area

Each apartment has a different construction area. If the size of the building got smaller, surely the basement parking got tighter, right? To avoid misunderstandings, here is the explanation:

Apartment area 150 M2 or more

For a building area of ​​150 m2 or more, the rule is that an apartment unit has the right to a parking space.

Construction area of ​​apartments from 50 M2 to 150 M2

The second is for building surfaces ranging from 50 m2 to 150 m2. Due to its smaller size, parking space is limited. So the rule is that two apartment units get one parking space.

This should be observed to avoid misunderstandings. Therefore, from the beginning of buying or renting an apartment, it must be well communicated

Construction area under 50 M2

Even smaller, if the area of ​​the apartment you buy/rent is less than 50 m2, parking will be even more difficult. The rule is one parking space for five apartment units. You must compromise with four other residents of the apartment, for example make a calendar.

Parking fees in the basement of the apartment

Each developer has their own rules. There are developers who have included the price of parking in the rental fee every month. But there are also those who have to pay separately. Here are the average prices for parking in the basement (cars):

  • If the apartment you live in is in the middle class, the price usually from 100 thousand IDR to 400 thousand IDR per month
  • But if the apartment is in the high class, the parking fee is from 400 thousand IDR to 600 thousand IDR per month.
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