Electric Tokens Keep Rejecting, Here Are The Reasons And How To Overcome Them

Electric Tokens Keep Rejecting, Here Are The Reasons And How To Overcome Them

electricity tokens keep rejecting

When you want to fill the prepaid electricity on the meter, someone often enters the wrong token number. This results in an electricity token turn down keep going until you know how to overcome it.

electricity tokens turn down it usually happens when the filling process is repeated, but the number is entered incorrectly.

This error is usually due to the token number not matching so that the electricity token responds with a text turn down.

This problem is almost the same problems the electric meter has a control writing.

However, of course, what distinguishes it lies in the way to overcome it and its causes.

So, how and what causes electricity tokens turn down Keep going? Launch different sources, go, read the reviews!

Causes of Electricity Tokens Refused Keep going

electricity tokens keep rejecting

source: grid.id

In general, as already mentioned, electricity tokens turn down continues to appear on the meter due to an error in entering the token number.

If the electricity token fails 3 times, it may be the meter to be blocked, the writing appears turn down does not have the potential to be classified as hazardous.

So, you don’t need to worry too much about that turn down on the meter is just a reminder that the charging tokens is done well.

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This condition usually occurs because the client is in a hurry in the input process, so he is not paying attention to the writing appearing. turn down.

For you know, the error of one digit when we enter the token number is very influential, here we go.

Also, other causes that allow you to write turn down it is the PLN server that is experiencing interference.

Not only this, a change in the power to the electricity of the house that has not been completely completed can also be the cause of the appearance of writing. turn down continuous

If this happens, first make sure that the power change process has been completed.

How to overcome electricity meters There is writing Refused

enter the electricity token

source: grid.id

In reference to the level of error in the entry of the token number, it is written how to deal with the electricity meter. turn down quite simple.

So, what should I watch out for?

1. Re-enter Token Properly

When an error occurs in entering the token number, you must re-enter the token number correctly and carefully.

If you are not sure or make a mistake when entering a 20-digit number, press the “backspace” to remove

Then, slowly enter the token number.

If you are sure, press it “accept” and the token will be filled correctly so no script appears turn down.

2. Contact Call Center PLN

electricity tokens turn down will continue to appear on many occasions.

If things you do not know and cause the token can not be filled, it is a good idea to contact. call center PLN.

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Don’t worry, you can contact PLN via social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

However, if where you live is not too far from the PLN branch, you can handle complaints directly.

With the advent of writing turn down on the electricity meter that is often experienced by some people, it can be concluded that the main cause is an error in entering the token number.

So, the way to solve it is to enter the token number correctly so that it says turn down continues to fail does not come out on the electricity meter.

Like, easy right?


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