Effective ways to remove the smell of cockroaches at home

Effective ways to remove the smell of cockroaches at home

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By the way, how yes, how do you get rid of the smell of cockroaches in the house that is difficult to get rid of? Go, discover the information in this article!

The smell of cockroaches in the house, of course, disturbs the comfort of everyday life.

The occupants of the house may be uncomfortable at home and feel repulsed when eating.

In this way, it is important to quickly remove the smell of cockroaches in your home before the smell spreads throughout the room and attracts flies.

So, for those of you who are confused about how to get rid of the smell of cockroaches at home, wait for this article to end, go ahead.

The reason is, News www.lacrymosemedia.com Indonesia has collected information on how to get rid of the smell of cockroaches at home naturally.

Launching from different sources, we see the explanation in the following description!

How to remove the smell of cockroaches at home

cockroach in the house

1. Find cockroach nests and get rid of them

Cockroaches that enter the house can enter through drains or cracks in the walls.

In this way, if you want to get rid of the smell, Property People will find a nest of cockroaches.

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So, you can get rid of cockroaches at home by knowing the nests and places where cockroaches enter.

The method is quite simple, just cover the holes and gaps in the house.

In addition to this, you can also use an insect repellent spray.

To remove, make sure you don’t forget to use a mask and gloves.

This is because cockroach nests can be full of germs and diseases.

2. Throw away items left by cockroaches

Another way that can be done is to throw away the items that the cockroaches live on.

You need to know, dark and damp areas are often used as cockroach nests.

In this way, you need to clean the items that can become the habitats of cockroaches, such as stacks of newspapers, plastic, food containers, clothes.

Property People can separate these items and throw them immediately if any items have the smell of cockroaches.

However, some items that can still be cleaned, such as clothing and food containers, can be washed.

After that, store in a tightly closed place to avoid cockroaches.

3. Using a vacuum cleaner

The second tip you can do is to clean the area where cockroaches live with a vacuum cleaner.

This method makes sense to be able to clean the house from the highest and lowest areas.

This is done to ensure that all cockroach debris, loose skin or live cockroaches are vacuumed clean.

Run the vacuum hose on top of cabinets and kitchen utensils, in cupboards, behind kitchen utensils, under sinks, under furniture and anywhere you’ve seen cockroaches .

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4. Using Special Liquid Disinfection

get rid of cockroaches

Another way that can be done to remove the smell of cockroaches is to use a special disinfectant liquid.

You can clean a place that smells like cockroaches with a special disinfectant liquid.

In addition to disinfectant fluids, you can also use rubbing alcohol, household cleaning fluids, and clothing bleach, that’s it.

Clean the area by wiping with a clean cloth.

Then, leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse and dry.

5. Eradicate cockroaches

This method is certainly the most important to do, which is to eradicate the cockroaches.

Complete control of cockroaches can take time to achieve.

However, the more cockroaches you can catch on the road, the better.

The reason is, a strong musty smell is an indication of cockroach infestation.


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