Easy to do, here’s how to put a 30/60 type

Easy to do, here’s how to put a 30/60 type

Having a private home is certainly everyone’s dream today. However, house prices continue to rise, because not everyone can own a large house.

So good developer houses and people are looking for a house that is small but still functional like a 30/60 house. With such a size, of course, you have to know how to organize the 30/60 type of house.

This is done so that the house you live in does not look cramped and messy. So it can give the impression of relief and good functionality in the future.

For more details, see the full review in the following article.

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Reviewing the 30/60 home type

Plan of Kamila type 30
House plan type 30/60

The 30/60 house type is basically a house with a small size of 30 m2 construction area and 60 m2 total land surface.

In general, the 30/60 houses are sought after by young couples looking for a new home or someone who is still alone without a partner.

The house designs of the 30/60 type usually have two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room that can be used as a multifunctional room. In addition, it is also available carport minimalist for at least one car.

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Although a 30/60 house looks quite narrow, if you know how to properly arrange a 30/60 type house, then of course the house is still comfortable to live.

The most important thing about this type of house is a good arrangement of the furniture so that there are no items that do not have a clear function. In this way, all the furniture in the house has its own function.

So, how to organize a good and correct house of the 30/60 type? Check out the next point.

How to arrange the Right Type 30/60 House

There are many ways you can organize your home, whether it’s a large or narrow home. In this way, you can live in your home comfortably.

Here are some ways to organize a 30/60 type house that you can do:

1. Don’t Store Too Much Stuff

Messy stuff
Messy stuff

The most important tip to organize a 30/60 home is not to keep too many things. You need to choose the items that you need to use and those that you don’t.

Items that accumulate too much take up a lot of space so they can give the impression of being cramped in the room in which you live.

You can maximize the available space as you use it kitchen set in the kitchen to save and beautify your home. This is a way to organize a 30/60 type of house that is often done.

Don’t forget to always clean all the items or furniture you have at home. This includes items you put on the floor or other parts of your home.

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2. Use vertical space

Vertical shelves in the house as a way to organize a 30/60 type of house
Vertical shelves in the house

Because the size is not too big, you can use a trick using the vertical space in the arrangement of your home.

You can use some furniture like high shelves to store books or even shoes. In addition, you can also use high shelves to store various other furniture and food.

In addition, you can use the walls of the house to install floating shelves that can be used to store decorations, toys and paintings.

3. Use Multifunctional Articles

Articles that are multifunctional, how to organize a type of house 30/60
Multifunctional item

In addition to getting rid of unused items, how to organize a 30/60 type home using multifunctional items or furniture.

The goal is to save space, but also achieve the main function of the things you have.

By using multi-functional items, your home will feel more comfortable compact and functional.

4. Create a room with an open concept

The next way to arrange a 30/60 type house is to create a room with an open concept. This is a common trick in arranging a minimalist room.

The concept referred to here is to minimize the bulkhead in the existing room. Thus they create the impression of being open and spacious to live.

In any case, you can create a small partition with some furniture to differentiate the existing spaces.

5. Expand Storage Space

If you have found your articles, but there are still a lot, the next way to organize a 30/60 type house is to increase the storage space.

You can use this amount of storage space to store various pieces of furniture that may be useful but not often used. So, whenever you want to use the article, you can use it easily.

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This of course can minimize your things so they don’t spread out which makes the room narrower. Therefore, you should store the furniture in a closed warehouse.

6. Use Cool Paint Colors

Room with bright paint colors
Room with bright paint colors

The last way to arrange a 30/60 type house is to use a cool room paint color. This method is usually often forgotten by most.

You can use light paint colors so that the incoming light can be reflected which makes the room feel more spacious.

This method is also considered to increase the comfort of the room and also make the quality of sleep better.

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Kamila Gardens at Candi Sawangan: Ideal Type 30/60 House

Kamila 30/60
Kamil 30/60 cluster

If you are looking for a house with the 30/60 type, then Kamila at Gardens at Candi Sawangan is the answer.

Gardens at Candi Sawangan presents the Kamiila cluster housing with a modern design and a green residential concept. Make your life much healthier and quality that provides peace and comfort of life.

Featuring reinforced concrete structure, light steel reinforced concrete roof, ceramic coated concrete floor kitchen sink with 2200 Watts of electricity. Provide residential comfort for you and your loved ones.

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