Easy steps How to install a bathroom shower

Easy steps How to install a bathroom shower

how to install a bathroom shower
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An explanation of how to install a bathroom shower.

Now the dipper is rarely used for the bathroom. This is why people start to move to the shower. In short, a shower is an appliance made of nickel or chrome. Its use is directed to the body. Sometimes the showers have a temperature setting so you can choose hot or cold water.

There are many advantages that you will feel if you use a shower. First because it is effective. What this means is that you will find it easier to clean parts of your body with a shower than a dipper. The second is that the shower is much more efficient than water. Yes, if you take a shower from the water in the bathtub, you will pass a lot of water. In addition if you have to wash your hair, it will be a lot of waste. Finally, using a shower will make your body healthier.

With these advantages, you are sure to be more confident in using the shower. So the question is, is it difficult to install your own shower? The answer is easy. You can save money on the tradesman by installing it yourself. There are several steps that must be followed, here is a complete explanation:

Prepare the water tap

The first is to prepare a water faucet. The price of water taps is very different, ranging from Rp. 100 thousand to Rp. 200 thousand. If you only use cold water for showers, you can use standard. But if it is for hot water, usually there is a special mat that you have to prepare.

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You should also pay attention to the height of the water faucet from the floor. Usually, the height of the water faucet from the floor is 15.5 cm to 20 cm. This is designed to not make it difficult for you when turning the shower on/off.

Prepare the Pipe

How to install a second bathroom shower is to prepare a water pipe. Its function is clear, namely to become a waterway in and out of the water. For the tap water used, it depends. If you want to use only cold water, you can use a PVC pipe. But if you want to use it water heater, there is a special pipe that you have to use.

Install the First Stop Faucet

The faucet stop is usually attached to the wall. This tool also has a different material, meaning that if you only use cold water, the faucet stop is made of plastic. But for hot water, the material is made of metal so as not to be damaged.

Install the shower pipe

The installation of the shower pipe must adjust the distance between the faucet and the shower. Usually, the most flexible pipe size is 25 to 30 cm. After that, we also provide a 12 inch T iron pipe nipple in the end.

Install Sealing tape

After the pipe is installed, how to install the next bathroom shower is to tie the wire with a sealed tape. Yes, this is to prevent them from going out. Keep your ties tight, yes!

Connecting the T. Pipe

So that the water flows perfectly, don’t forget to install the T pipe in one of the stops of the faucet. Install the T-tube tightly so that water does not drain or leak.

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Install the shower hose

After the pipe section is complete, you are almost at the final stage, namely the installation of the shower hose. Install tightly so as not to cause water leakage. After that, install the shower hook on the wall. There’s no way you can just hang up, right?

How to install a bathroom end shower

Until the final stage, the thing you have to do is check the water flowing from the faucet to the shower. They work smoothly with no leaks or leaks. Also bring the equipment you used before. Keep away from children.

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