Easy steps How to check BI verification Via HP

Easy steps How to check BI verification Via HP

How to verify BI verification Via HP
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Home has been a primary need since the beginning. To be able to fulfill it is certainly not easy because the money spent is not small. But now there are many solutions to be able to have a dream home, one of which is a Home Ownership Loan (KPR).

There are several steps that must be taken to apply for a mortgage, such as the BI verification. Clearly, BI verification is a history of loans from banking or non-banking institutions of a person. This information is issued by the Debtor Information System (SID).

This SID has been filled with complete information such as the identity of the collateral debtor, the owner and management of the debtor’s business, the amount of financing that has been issued, the number of payments and the details of the payment figures, to bad credit for the last 24 months. With this complete data, the mortgage process will be easier.

Well, the question is how to know if your BI control status is good or not. How to check BI verification online is not only able to use a computer or laptop, but can also use a mobile phone, which is more practical. In more detail, here are the steps on how to verify BI verification via HP:

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open The website Financial Services Authority (OJK)

The first step to verify the BI verification via mobile is to visit the OJK consumer page. You can access it here.

Debtor information filling and queuing time

Next, you must fill in the information of the debtor in the form of the type of debtor, the date of arrival and the OJK office. After that, choose the queue time. The options are from 08.00 to 15.00.

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Upload the required documents

The next way to verify BI verification via HP is to upload a document in the form of a scan or photocopy of the original ID card. Therefore, you should have prepared in advance.

Data verification by OJK

After you get the online queue registration test, you have to wait for OJK to check the data that was uploaded earlier. Usually this verification time is no later than H-2 from the date of the submitted row.

Additional documents If you are the heir of the debtor

The heirs cannot easily obtain the information of the debtor, some documents like Death Certificate o Certificate of inheritance you must include it. This document was uploaded via Whatsapp OJK.

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View iDeb SLIK results

If all the data has passed the verification, OJK will send you the iDeb SLIK results via email. Therefore, during this process, your email must be logged in and active.

Contact OJK

If you have any questions about this BI verification, you can contact the following contacts:

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Check BI verification via WhatsApp

BI verification via mobile can also be done through the WhatsApp application. The method is very simple, first you must register on the OJK website, when you register do not forget to include a selfie photo of the participant’s ID card, then enter the WhatsApp number, fill out the registration form, then the applicant will receive. e-mail validation by OJK.

Type of device Compatible

Android and iPhone are two devices that you can use. How to check BI verification on an Android phone or iPhone, just open it web browser right

Video Tutorial Check BI Checking via HP

Source: Fancy Labs Channel

How? Easy isn’t it? If you are still hesitant to apply for a mortgage because you feel you are on the black list, check your data now!