Easy and simple, how to make a flower vase from used bottles

Easy and simple, how to make a flower vase from used bottles

How to make a flower vase from used bottles
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Easy and simple, how to make a flower vase from used bottles

How to make a flower vase from used bottles is easy and practical.

Plastic bottles are a type of waste that is difficult to break down. Instead of throwing it away, you should recycle it. There are many ways, such as to do in a flower pot.

Make no mistake, flower pots from used bottles are very beautiful. You can use it as a pot for cut flowers and put it in the corner of the room. It has long durability so this vase will last for a variety of conditions.

For how to make flower pots from used bottles, there are really a variety of things. But there is an easier way with ingredients that are also easy to find. Bringing tutorials from channel JEGOS from YouTube, here’s how to make a flower vase from used bottles:

Prepare materials

There are several materials that you should prepare, namely two used plastic bottles, scissors, staples, red marker, and cutter

Cut off the top of the plastic bottle

When the ingredients are ready, use scissors and cut the top of the bottle cleanly.

Flag with Red Marking

When the top is cut, mark both sides of the bottle with a red marker. Use a permanent marker so the markings don’t disappear.

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Scissors with a curtain pattern

If it is marked with a red line, gently cut through both marks. Make it like a striped curtain motif in all parts, until it is shaped like the image below.

Fold inwards

If so, from the head of the bottle, fold it in the opposite direction (inside) until you see the shape of a vase. For a clearer picture, you can see below.

Second Container Bottle

If the first jar is full, you can process the second bottle. Cut off the top of the bottle and mark with a red marker. However, there is only one red mark and its position is in the middle of the bottle.

Cut out the Curtain Patterns and combine them

After marking, cut with a curtain pattern until it is complete. If you have, combine the first and second bottles as shown above.

If it is combined, paper clips the two bottles so that they are united.

Slip Pieces

To finish, slip the pieces into the hole between the two bottles. This will make your vase beautiful and form a floral pattern. The final result is below.

The final result of a flower vase from a used bottle will be like this. Beautiful, isn’t it? You can put different kinds of flowers in it!

For how to make a video, you can visit channel JEGOS on YouTube.

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