Don’t Panic, here’s how to manage a lost diploma and follow the steps

Don’t Panic, here’s how to manage a lost diploma and follow the steps

how to manage a lost diploma

Lost or damaged your diploma? No need to worry, here’s how to easily and safely manage lost diplomas. Follow all the steps.

Who is not proud to get a degree when they finish school or university, especially from a well-known school or university.

You made a lot of effort to study and you were able to get a prestigious title. The moment at graduation with parents and crush certainly not forgotten.

A diploma is of course a valuable letter and is very necessary later, when you are going to continue your higher education or apply for a job.

However, there are many who do not understand the importance of these documents, because they do not keep them properly and the certificate is lost or damaged.

So, how to deal with the lost diploma? Diplomas lost due to negligence can happen to anyone.

Not only lost, the existence of natural disasters such as floods or landslides can also make the diploma incomplete or damaged.

NahWhen your diploma is lost, you can take care of issuing a valid SKPI or Replacement Certificate for a Diploma.

SKPI is an example of a substitute for a lost diploma and legally replaces your diploma, remember that it is a substitute for a diploma.

The following is a review of how to deal with lost diplomas, reports from various sources.

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CFig. Managing Missing Degrees

You can use this method of dealing with lost diplomas for different levels of education.

For those of you who have experienced a lost high school diploma or are confused about how to take care of a lost elementary school diploma?

Don’t worry, you can use the following steps and conditions.

1. Go to the nearest police station

how to deal with lost diplomas at the police station

Image source for dealing with lost diplomas at Polsek: Tribata News Bengkulu

How to manage a missing diploma without photocopyis to go to the nearest police station or the nearest police station.

Instead of using the method of managing lost grades online, better to come directly to the place.

This can make it easier for you to deal with lost diplomas, starting from bachelor, high school, high school diplomas, and others.

The purpose of going to the Polsek is, of course, to make a Receipt of Receipt of Reports of Loss of Goods / Letters, bringing a photocopy of a diploma and a photocopy of a KTP.

Tell the officer that you want to write a letter for the loss of your diploma.

Later, the officer will help you write a letter for the loss of your diploma.

Then, you will sign the letter of loss.

Make sure you don’t forget to photocopy the letter on 2 sheets and save it properly.

2. Go to School or University

how to deal with lost high school diploma

What should I do with the missing diploma image source:

If you are still confused, what if the diploma is lost? One way is to come to the school or university that issued the certificate.

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After requesting a letter of loss from the Police, you must go to the school or university that issued your certificate.

Explain that your diploma is lost or damaged and request a certificate to replace your diploma (SKPI).

Usually, you need to bring several supporting documents, including:

  • Stamp 6,000 (2 pieces).
  • 3×4 passport photo (2 sheets).
  • Letter of Receipt of Lost Report from the Police Office.
  • Photocopy of lost original diploma.

So, how to manage the lost grade without photocopy certificate? It doesn’t matter, because you explained when you were at the Polsek before when you made the letter of loss.

3. Go to the local education office

how to take care of a lost diploma go to the local service

Missing high school diploma image source: BP Lawyers

After obtaining the SKPI, you must go to the local Education Office to request the signing of the SKPI by the local Education Office.

Some documents you need to bring or attach, so you really have to prepare first.

  • Declaration of Absolute Responsibility (signature on 6,000 stamps) and photocopy (2 sheets).
  • Witness statements from 2 classmates (signature on stamp 6,000), photocopies of the witness’s certificates, and photocopies of the witness’s KTP (2 sheets).
  • Letter of receipt of the loss report from the police and a photocopy (2 sheets).
  • Photocopy of 2 sheets of KTP.
  • Photocopies of legalized diplomas 2 sheets.

4. Save and Use the SKPI Document

how to deal with lost diplomas with skpi files

Missing SD diploma image source:

After everything is submitted, later you will get a replacement diploma, of course not the original diploma.

Your SKPI document can already be used as a substitute for a lost diploma. So, keep the SKPI with care, ok?

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Don’t let it disappear again, OK, because SKPI is an example of replacing a lost diploma. Therefore, you do not need to make a new diploma that you have lost, because it is not with a new diploma, but SKPI.


This is how to take care of a lost diploma without a photocopy or with a photocopy.

I hope that the information that presents to you this time can be useful and an important inspiration.

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