Don’t do Boncos! This is the cost of making a minimalist fish pond!

Don’t do Boncos! This is the cost of making a minimalist fish pond!

Having a fish pond at home can certainly make the home feel fresh and beautiful. In addition, a fish pond at home can also be a place to relieve stress, you know. Different types of fish that can be part of the fish pond, including koi fish or goldfish.

Interested in making a fish pond at home? But how much does it cost to make a concrete fish pond at home? Instead of being confused, just go ahead, look at the details of the cost of making a minimalist fish pond below! Come, see!

How is the concept of a minimalist fish pond?

If you want to have a fish pond with an affordable budget, a minimalist concept fish pond can be your choice. This minimalist fish pond concept is unique compared to fish ponds in general. Even so, this concept is quite in demand because it is quite attractive and the price is affordable.

The shape and concept of this fish pond is almost an indoor aquarium that is outside. The reason is, the shape and design is in the form of a cube or a rectangle with the material of the wall in the form of a transparent glass barrier.

The size of a minimalist fish pond is also quite small, starting from the size of 100 cm x 80 cm, 150 cm x 70, and so on. You can adjust the size according to the size of the land that will be used for the fish pond.

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Yes, if you want to have a minimalist fish pond that is more practical, you can buy a ready-made minimalist fish pond. You just need to install it on some land in your house. However, for the price that must be spent, it can be more expensive to do it yourself.

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The cost of making a minimalist fish pond

Let’s look at the illustration if you make a fish pond with the following dimensions. Suppose you want to make a minimalist fish pond with a length of about 1.5 meters, a width of about 80 cm, and a depth of about 60 meters.

The size can also be adjusted to the available land area in your home. You can enjoy the mini land behind the house or in front of the house as a minimalist fish pond.

Here is a list of the costs that must be incurred:

Details Qty price Total
semen 3 IDR 55,000 IDR 165,000
Red bricks 300 500 Rp IDR 150,000
T Small Pipe 4 IDR 5,000 IDR 20,000
Pipe Inch 6 IDR 8,000 IDR 8,000
Pipe Keni L 10 IDR 5,000 IDR 50,000
Glue for PVC pipes 1 IDR 8,000 IDR 8,000
Ceramic stone 3 IDR 65,000 RP 195,000
Kaca 100 mm (100 cm x 40 cm) 1 IDR 130,000 IDR 130,000
Leak proof coating 1 IDR 65,000 IDR 65,000
Craftsman’s salary 1 IDR 250,000 IDR 250,000
TOTAL IDR 1,041,000

From the illustration above, it can be seen that the total estimated cost that must be prepared about IDR 1,041,000. The above cost can be more or less depending on the fish pond you are going to make, yes.

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Influencing Factors for Minimalist Fish Pond Prices

As mentioned before, the cost estimated above could be more expensive or cheaper, yes. There are many factors that can affect the cost of making a fish pond that will be issued. Well, some of the factors are as follows.

Pool size

If you want to make a pond with a larger size, you will certainly need additional ceramics, larger glass and more pipes.

This will affect the cost of making a fish pond that will be issued. If you want to make a minimalist pool, maybe you can save more on your budget.

Fish pond design

The cost factor of making a bigger fish pond can also be influenced by the design of the fish pond to be made. For example, the design of a fish pond with natural stone, of course the price will be different from the use of glass.

Therefore, you can do the design first to determine the budget to make a minimalist fish pond. As much as possible, the design is also not very internal that requires more budget.

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Pool quality

The cost of making a minimalist fish pond can also vary depending on the quality of the goods used. If you use a certain type of concrete or ceramic model, you may need a larger budget.

Materials and Accessories Used by the Swimming Pool

The appearance of a minimalist fish pond should also be done with additional decorations. The goal is to make it look attractive. For example, install a UV aquarium light, or some plants around the pond.

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Keep in mind that this minimalist fish pond also includes the exterior of the house that can beautify the dwelling. So, make the look can beautify your home.

So the details of the price of a minimalist fish pond you can see. It turns out that making a minimalist fish pond at home is not too expensive, right? The cost is only about Rp. 1 million only. This fish pond model can be an option for those of you who want to have a fish pond at home that is pocket friendly.

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