Do you want to buy a house with a mortgage? This is the Strategy

Do you want to buy a house with a mortgage? This is the Strategy

Having your own home is certainly everyone’s dream. This dream is certainly supported by the availability of housing and easy financing.

Not only that, in addition to being able to pay with cash (cash), you can also buy a house with the Home Property Credit (KPR) system. If you make payments with the mortgage system, you can buy a house with a lighter budget, because you use the payment method. You can also manage finances more effectively in financial management. Especially now, banks in Indonesia, both state and private, have provided mortgage services with a variety of different interest terms.

So, how to buy a house with this mortgage? Lamudi has some tips for you.

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Determine the price of the house

The first tip for buying a house with a mortgage is to determine the price of the house. This is very important to do before looking for a house. You need to know in advance the price of the house according to your ability to make it easier when determining the monthly payments.

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Know the variety of existing mortgages

After determining the budget to buy a house, it is a good idea to know the different types of mortgages that exist. There are subsidized mortgages provided by the government for the lower middle class, and there are also non-subsidized mortgages that can be used for all levels of society. Finally, Sharia mortgages that use the principle of price contracts (purchase and sale).

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Arrange Mortgage Sources

To find out the best interest, you can ask several existing banks. Then, organize the sequence of banks from those that provide low interest to high, that offer fixed or variable interest rates, as well as other benefits. This can help you consider a mortgage lender according to your capabilities. Do not forget, also pay attention to the regulations of each mortgage lender.

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Do a mortgage simulation

So, try to make a simulation of the mortgage to know how many installments you have to pay with interest. Also find out what interest rates are given, both fixed interest and floating interest. This can help you predict the payments you will have to pay each month.

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Choose an Easy mortgage

Take a good look at each mortgage lender. Usually, you can get it from banks that offer small interest promotions in the first and second year. However, in the following year, you will pay effective interest at the specified rate. Choose a party that can help you deftly and informatively.

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