Do you want a sofa to last? These are 5 ways to take care of the right

Do you want a sofa to last? These are 5 ways to take care of the right

how to care for a sofa

We all know that the sofa plays an important role in everyday life. From watching TV, reading books, to relaxing, we do it all on the couch.

Usually, many people are looking aesthetic sofa model with a strong frame for durability. In fact, looking at the material and the material of the sofa, it is not enough to keep it without doing regular maintenance of the sofa.

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In fact, some stores provide a guarantee for every sofa purchase. However, we still need to clean it regularly and maintain it properly.

So, how to care for the sofa to stay durable?

Don’t worry, keeping a sofa so that it lasts is not difficult. cook! Come on, understand how to properly care for a sofa below.

1. Clean Immediately After Getting Stains

Enjoying a snack while sitting on the sofa is fun. However, this can increase the risk of spilling food and drink. If this happens, clean the sofa as soon as possible to prevent spotting.

You can clean the sofa using soapy water and a damp microfiber cloth. Then, rub slowly so that the material of the sofa does not peel off.

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clean couch stains
Clean the sofa as soon as it gets stained so it won’t leave a mark.

2. Place the Sofa Away from the Sun

Sunlight can damage the upholstery of the sofa and make the color fade. If you place the sofa near the window, you can install curtains to reduce exposure to light.

Not only sunlight, you also have to keep the sofa away from heat sources, such as refrigerators, pipes and fireplaces.

sofa seat
Use curtains to protect the sofa from the sun.

3. Clean the Sofa Regularly

All household furniture should be cleaned regularly, including the sofa. You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner and a duster every 1 week.

In order deep cleaningyou can do it once a year by contacting a professional, like clean and neat.

clean the couch regularly
Clean the sofa regularly with a vacuum cleaner and duster.

4. Avoid sitting on the arms of the sofa

When the sofa is full and there is no more space to sit, we like to sit on the sofa’s armrests. In fact, this can make the arm bend because it is not strong enough to support the load.

Instead, choose a sofa that fits the number of family members. Then, it also provides seat cushions and folding chairs as additional seats.

handle sofa armrests
Avoid sitting on the armrests of the sofa so as not to damage them quickly.

5. Avoid sitting on the couch only on one side

Maybe you already have a comfortable place when you sit on the sofa. However, sitting on the sofa in the same position over and over again will make the floor close to the door.

So, be on the right and left positions evenly to prevent this from happening.

sofa seat care
Turn the sitting position to the left and right of the sofa to prevent it from collapsing on the other side.

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