Do you choose a Loft or Duplex Type 2 Floor Apartment?

Do you choose a Loft or Duplex Type 2 Floor Apartment?

The types of apartments are very different, for example the type of six classic, studio, garden, to convertible. However, the 2-story apartment models on the market are usually loft or duplex types.

These two apartment models have high ceilings so they can be divided into two floors. These two apartments are often found in big cities like the capital Jakarta. The pluses and minuses between the two can be seen as follows:

What is a Loft Apartment?


Loft type apartments are known as loft apartments. The upper part of the attic room was half the height of the basement. It’s not actually a two-story apartment, but it looks like it has a multi-story floor plan.

The sign of a loft house can be seen from the ventilation. They generally have large windows that are as high as the ceiling. From this large window, sunlight can enter optimally so that the room is not humid.

The pins are able to save electricity due to the use of natural light from the sun. The distance from the floor to the highest ceiling is about 4-7 meters. High ceilings make the room feel spacious.

Some spaces are made without partitions to make them appear spacious and open. Some rooms are integrated with each other, like the kitchen and the dining room.

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Plus Minus Loft Apartment


There are many advantages and disadvantages of this type of apartment. In addition to the visual aspect, it also has an impact on the budget and the structure of the building.

Advantages of Loft Apartments

Loft apartments are perfect for freelancers because they can use the vertical space as their own workspace. The workspace can be designed with taste and is able to combine the room and the office.

Another advantage is that it is more environmentally friendly. Interior design generally uses used goods with different functions. The air circulation is very well considered so it is far from the impression of being cramped.

Often combined with plants to make the apartment more lively. Loft apartments are famous for being free of stuffy and cool. Apartments with high ceilings prevent dampness. Especially if there are large windows in every corner of the room.

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Disadvantages of Loft Apartments

Although it has many advantages, loft apartments also have some disadvantages. Among them in terms of storage space that tends to be limited.

If Pins chooses a loft-type apartment, he must be smart and careful in the arrangement and choice of furniture. Limited land makes Pins need to choose multifunctional furniture such as a sofa bed.

The characteristics of the rooms of the apartment are unique because the furniture is often custom made. The cost of buying furniture like this is not cheap, so you need a bigger wallet.

The room has no partition to increase noise pollution from inside the house. Voices can also echo and be heard in other rooms. To outsmart Pins, you can use dampening material.

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Meet Duplex Apartments


Duplex apartments are built on two floors and are quite rare in Indonesia. At first glance, it will be similar to a terraced house in general.

The difference is only in the entrance where the entrance for the duplex apartments is different on each floor. Duplex apartments can be occupied by two different families.

The lower part can be rented to someone else. While the owner can stay on the top floor. A distinctive feature of the duplex type is its area of ​​more than 100 square meters.

Both floors are connected by stairs and elevators. The units can be stacked on top of each other or side by side. Both floors have a minimum ceiling height of 2.5 meters.

The duplex type is usually located on the top floor of an apartment. Both the upstairs and downstairs units are the same size.

Duplex Apartment Plus Minus


The advantage of a duplex apartment is that it is closer to the stairs. The privacy of each plan is very well maintained and as for the other advantages and disadvantages you can see below:

Advantages of Duplex Apartments

Duplex apartments look luxurious and exclusive. Inside it has a variety of more personal facilities. Not only anyone can enter the apartment so security is high.

The ceilings are high and have a wide viewing angle. The ventilation section uses glass, including a sliding door. Pins can live on the top floor of the apartment and have an open space that blends with nature.

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The disadvantages of Duplex Apartments

Duplex apartments also have weaknesses like loft apartments. Some of the disadvantages of the duplex type are:

  • The price of a duplex apartment is more expensive than the type of studio or two-bedroom apartment
  • The area is big enough for the responsibilities to grow as well. Especially in terms of maintaining the order and cleanliness of the area outside the apartment
  • Built in a tall building and the top floor. In the event of a power outage, Pins must be prepared to climb the stairs to the residence
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Should Loft or Duplex Apartment?


If Pins has a limited budget and lives alone, a loft apartment may be the first choice. Loft apartments are suitable for Pins who like a minimalist concept.

Meanwhile, Pins who have a family can choose a duplex apartment. The size is quite spacious and prioritizes privacy between the first and second floor. The interior design can be distinguished between two floors.

Loft or duplex apartments have their advantages and disadvantages. The characteristics of both can be seen from the size of the apartment.

These 2 story apartments tend to be found in big cities. Loft apartments tend to have no partitions between rooms while the duplex is the opposite.

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