Do these 7 things to welcome the month of Ramadan

Do these 7 things to welcome the month of Ramadan

welcome the month of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan 1444 Hijriyah is the most awaited moment by all Muslims.

Of course, fasting is important because all the acts of worship that are done will be multiplied. Therefore, there are many rewards that can be obtained for provisions in the afterlife.

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Through this month full of generosity, you need to be patient and resist various temptations. This is only so that you can become a God-fearing person.

No wonder there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done to welcome this month of fasting so that everything goes well, from practicing faith to maintaining physical condition.

So, what should be done to welcome the month of Ramadan?

In addition to physical health, mental health must also be considered to perform worship well. So, what are the preparations to welcome the month of Ramadan that must be done? Check the following.

1. Approaching the Almighty

The most important thing to do in the celebration of the month of Ramadhan is to strengthen faith and draw closer to the Almighty.

Therefore, you need to diligently read the Al-Quran and worship on time so that you can remain steadfast in the fast.

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worship to welcome the month of Ramadan

2. Deepen the knowledge of religion

To make the fast go well, you can study the religion to understand what can and cannot be done during the fast. Therefore, the acts of worship you performed in the month of Ramadhan will not be in vain.

Therefore, there are ways to deepen your knowledge of religion, such as reading books that contain Islamic teachings and discussing with religious leaders in your area.

3. Pay off the Fasting Debt of the previous year

There are many conditions that allow Muslims not to harass, such as illness, pregnancy and menstruation.

So, if you experience the conditions above, which made you not fast in the past year, then you will have to do the fast Qadha to pay the debts fasting before entering this month of Ramadan.

4. Perform the Pilgrimage Prayer

Around the month of Ramadan, Muslims have the habit of making pilgrimages to the graves of family and relatives. To do this, there are procedures that you must follow, as follows.

  • Ablution before the pilgrimage
  • Salute the gravedigger
  • Read the prayers for the dead
  • Read short chapters of the Quran
  • Maintain good manners do not sit on top of the grave

5. Practice Restraint

The month of fasting aims to train oneself in resistance to hunger, thirst and emotions. To get used to living it, you can learn to hold back from now on.

Well, try to stay away from negative things and slowly start doing good things like giving alms and worship. This method can certainly become your habit until then.

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train yourself to welcome Ramadan

6. Maintain the Health of the body

Even if you are fasting, the health of your body should be well maintained. KYou still need to be diligent in exercising and eating nutritious food. Also make sure you improve your sleep pattern so that you get enough rest and don’t wake up late for sahur.

7. Housekeeping

A clean house will bring comfort and peace in worship. That’s why you need to start cleaning and ordering things at home before entering the month of fasting.

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