Difference between headphones, headphones, earphones and headphones

Difference between headphones, headphones, earphones and headphones

Music is an element that entertains many people that can accompany different daily activities. Therefore, many technologies have been developed so that we can listen to music comfortably and pleasantly.

No wonder that the instruments for listening to music are more and more diverse, since headphones, headphones, headphones, up to headphones. Indeed, the functions of the four tools at first glance seem the same, but there are several differences that we can notice.

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Not only from the shape, but also from some of the features offered. Thus, we can choose a tool that suits our daily needs.

So what are the differences? headphones, headphones, headphones, and Headphones?

In order not to buy the wrong one, consider some of the differences between the four instruments for listening to music below.

1. Headphones

Headphones is an accessory that allows you to listen to audio without it microphone. So you can’t use it to communicate.

The shape of this audio device usually follows the curvature of the head and is complete with large earmuffs. Therefore, the sound produced can have a clearer quality because it can minimize the sound interference from the outside.

Currently, headphones it already comes in two forms that you can choose according to your needs, namely: wireless (without cable) and wired (wired). Here are the tips headphones that you can buy.

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Ataru Headphone Bluetooth P2 - Pink
Ataru Bluetooth P2 headphones

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2. Headphones

Headphones and headphones often mistaken for the same because they have a similar shape. In fact, the features on headphones more complete than headphones.

Headphones to have microphone that we can use to communicate. However, the sound produced by headphones not so clear headphones. This is why headphones optimization input and audio output.

Usually, this tool is most often used for events online meeting, principal game, and create activities online others that require direct communication.

Headphones has two models, namely in the form of a wireless head bow and a compact cable. So, which model do you prefer? no?

Imoo Earcare Green E2001ao Headphones
Imoo Earcare Green E2001ao Headphones

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3. Headphone

Headphone is an abbreviated version of headphonee. This one tool has a smaller form in the form of a practical cable with the concept of in-ear speaker.

Its simple and light design makes it headphones it becomes the main choice of many people to listen to songs while on the move. sad, headphones not equipped with microphone Here are the tips headphones that you can use.

Ataru Simple Earphone - Kuning
Ataru Simple Earphone – Kuning

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4. Hands free

You’ve heard the term hands free? nah hands free is a musical instrument that is more complete than other types.

Hands free has many additional features that are more complete, including volume buttons, skip/pause, and to take or turn off phone calls.

The purpose of this function is to help users who are busy with their communication activities. Hands free also available wired and wireless Bluetooth.

5. Earbuds

Headphones can be said as the latest technology of music listening devices. This instrument is small in shape to fit the ear.

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However, you don’t need cables because of this tool wireless. Headphones also comes with load case. So, we can simply reenter the case after use to charge.

nah headphones it also has another name, namely “tws”, as our recommendation below.

Ataru Tws Sa35 Wireless Headphones - Pink
Ataru Wireless Tws Sa35 – Pink

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So, now you know the differences between these five types of music listeners, right? Which tool is right for your needs?

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