Details of Biznet Installation Fees for New Users

Details of Biznet Installation Fees for New Users

biznet installation fee

Interested in using Biznet? Before that, make sure you know the cost of installing Biznet at home. What should be paid? Check out the reviews here!

The competition for home Wi-Fi in Indonesia is getting fiercer.

Leading from IndiHome Internet which has a lot of users, Biznet has been recently as a tough competitor.

In fact, according to the data compiled by 2021, Biznet became supplier the fastest internet in Indonesia.

From this data, the download speed of Biznet reached 40.85 Mbps.

Meanwhile, the upload speed reaches 39.29 Mbps.

Telkom, which is a big player in this field, is in 3rd place.

In addition to Indonesia, Biznet also established as supplier the fastest internet in the city of Jakarta, by 2021.

So, naturally, there are more and more Biznet users from year to year.

Launch page time.coby the end of 2022, Biznet users in Indonesia almost reached 500 thousand.

It is believed that this figure will continue to grow over time.

Therefore, questions regarding Biznet Wi-Fi at this time are often raised on the Internet.

One of the most frequently asked questions is the cost of installing Biznet.

As it turns out, new Biznet users have to pay a fee.

Approximately what does it cost? Go find out through the reviews below!

Biznet installation fee

Biznet installation fees


Biznet installation cost reviews are quoted from the page

It has been revealed for a long time that there are many Biznet installation fees that must be met by new users.

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1. Installation fee

For Biznet Home Internet and Biznet Home Combo IPTV customers, an installation fee of IDR 750 thousand will be charged.

2. Device Purchase Fee

In addition to the installation fee, customers will also be charged a purchase fee for the device.

The costs incurred are different, depending on the package used by the customer.

For Biznet Home Internet and Biznet Home Internet C customers, they will be charged a fee to purchase a Wi-Fi Fiber modem in the amount of 900 thousand IDR.

Especially for Biznet Home Internet 0C customers, they are required to buy a Wi-Fi modem with that nominal value.

In addition, customers with the Biznet Home Internet 0C package must pay an initial fee of 3 months totaling 750 thousand IDR and get a free 1 month subscription.

So for Biznet Home Combo TV customers, they will be charged an equipment fee of IDR 2,150,000.

This value is to pay for the cost of the Wi-Fi Fiber modem device Rp 900 thousand and the Biznet IPTV STB fee of Rp 1,250,000.

3. Rental fees

The figures above apply to those who purchase the device.

Especially for those who rent, the fees paid are different.

For example, for Biznet Home Combo IPTV customers, the monthly rental fee for a Wi-Fi Fiber modem is IDR 50,000.

As for Biznet Home Internet customers, they must pay a monthly rental fee of Rp. 50,000 for a Wi-Fi Fiber modem device.

4. Location transfer fees

So, what about the change of location?

The special installation fee for Biznet who wants to move the position of the device and the location from the previous one, is charged 500,000 IDR.

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Meanwhile, transferring a device with ownership status costs IDR 750,000.

The transfer of the device can be done as long as the transfer area is within the scope of Biznet services.

Vital records

There are a few notes you need to know about Biznet subscriptions.

Customers with own or purchased device status are not charged with a subscription contract.

Meanwhile, for customers with rental status, they must be bound by a subscription contract for a minimum of 24 months for housing, while apartment residents have only 6 months.

If it ends before the contract period, the customer will be charged a penalty of 2,750,000 IDR.

For more complete information, visit call center from Biznet.


Here is information on Biznet setup fees.

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