Definition, Function and How to Present it at Home

Definition, Function and How to Present it at Home

Fire element in the house

Its presence can attract attention inside the house, understand what it means focal point and how to apply!

When you enter a room, is there a corner that immediately catches your eye?

These elements are known as focal point in the world of interior and architecture.

For more details, see the explanation in the article below, OK!

What is that Focal Point?

focal point in the interior of the house

Term focal point refers to the elements that catch the eye in a room.

Its presence seems dramatic and more impressive than other elements.

Therefore, when you enter a room, everyone’s gaze will automatically be fixed on this area.

The shape can be a darker painted wall, artwork, ceramics, or furniture in the room.

Interesting, despite its conspicuous presence, it shows focal point stay in harmony with the concept of the room and also the house as a whole.

Function Focal Point in Residential

This element has an important role in interior design.

Its presence can increase the aesthetic value of a room as a whole.

Also, focal points in a room will emphasize the design concept you use.

For the record, there can be more than one in a room focal point.

Especially if the room is large or an area open plan with different functions in every corner.

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However, ideally, the maximum number of these elements is three so that the room is not too crowded.

If the room is small, two focal elements are more than enough.

How to present Focal Point At home

1. Pay attention to the shape of the room

home fire function

The first thing you should do to introduce a focal element in a room is pay attention to its shape.

A room has at least four walls that you can arrange as you wish.

Choose the area that is the most extensive and tends to be vacant as focal point room

However, if the room has an open concept and has many functions, use a field that is not a border between areas.

In this way, the presence of focal elements in each area does not overlap

2. Adjust to Room Functions

Next, consider the function of the room to identify its appeal.

Each room has a different function, so the main features will certainly be different.

For example, in the living room.

You can use large mirrors, paintings and flower arrangements as focal elements.

These three things represent a warm and welcoming impression, in line with the function of the room to welcome guests.

Meanwhile in the room, you can install large windows or just paint one side of the wall a different color.

The reason is presence focal point in the bedroom it only acts as an aesthetic element.

3. Define Focal Point Dominant

focal elements of the camera

The next step you need to take is to determine the dominant focal element.

A room can have two or three focal elements at a time, but one should be the most impressive.

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Whether it’s in the form of a side room with an accent wall, a large painting in the middle of the room, color games, and more.

This is important to form a cleaner visual structure in the room.

4. Make the coloring game

The easiest way to present focal points is to play with colors.

You can use contrasting colors on one side of the room to make it look more impressive.

For example, combining black and white, pink-blue, yellow-red, and other combinations.

You can apply this game of color to the walls of the house to choose the textile accents in the room.


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